dear whorange,

this will sound silly, but i am trying my hardest to get a miniature eames management chair to put in a box, for my boyfriend to open on christmas as a way to tell him he is getting the real thing, but in a few weeks.  you would not believe the nightmare i am having trying to locate one.
can you direct me to any place in the US, I can have fed ex'd overnight?


dearest emily,

your question is not silly.  indeed, this is a TRUE EMERGENCY.

question:  does it need to be an authentic vitra eames miniature?  if not, contact the fine folks at poketo ASAP.  i see they have the green eames chair in this collection for $12.00 and may have one available to ship to you overnight!  this is the same one that was graciously given to me by laura of if it's hip, it's here back in july.


send poketo an email here and see if they can do it.  i will also try to get hold of them personally for you.  i understand the importance -- i really do!  christmas just isn't christmas without eames.  here is the proof...


by the way, your boyfriend is one lucky guy!  not only will he look super handsome in the chair, so will his hair.

much love and luck to you.  please let me know if everything works out!

stay pretty & happy holidays!


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