a modern Blue Boy in orange -- this is the look I am wanting for my 2010 wardrobe.

screw these kids in their fedoras.  i want a real man’s hat - and maybe one for my little dog too.  but there is a problem.  where does one find a hat like this?  what is it even called?  wide, imposing and probably a little floppy, this is the showstopper of the ensemble and it is much needed.

this look is a little more vintage than mid-century but if anyone can source it it would be you.  where is a modern dandy to shop for haberdashery?

whoranging for hats,




darling laine,

i haven't a clue what this floppy head frock is called, but i have no doubt your hair will look fabulous beneath it.

similar hats can be found in shoppes such as forever 21 ($15.80) or american apparel ($40.00).  they are not "man hats," but if photographed from the proper angle, nobody will know the difference.  the brits also have hat offerings here and here.

speaking of brits, if you're open to acquiring your dandy-wear from across the pond, i've constructed 70% of the "Blue Boy in Orange" look for you.  your 2010 ensemble is near complete.

i assume you've mastered your posing.  remember -- smile with your eyes.


questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.