hold onto your mittens, kittens, because we're in for a fun ride!

john tusher, the dashing and debonair owner of velocity art & design, recently acquired this gorgeous, vintage painting (above) from white sage studio in seattle's ballard neighborhood.  isn't she fabulous?  this lovely lady is so superbly special that she will provide the decor inspiration for john's latest interior endeavor.  however, the only problem is...she needs a name.

and, that's where you come in...YOU GET TO NAME HER!

yes, mr. tusher has asked the readers of WHORANGE to name his muse. john describes his painted lady as "sexy, sophisticated, a little rough around the edges, and very well traveled."  rumor is she hails from buenos aires, but the year of her birth is unknown.

but, wait, there's more!  not only is john a modern-living savant, father of one, hero to many, and inspiration to all, he is also ridiculously kind and offering a fab prize to one lucky participant:  a limited edition, signed, matte stephens print entitled "Alfred was obviously underdressed for his induction into the Adventurers Hall of Fame."


love. this. print.  click here for more details.

TO WIN:  simply enter a name for the muse in the comment section of this post.  how easy is that?  be inspired, be creative, and be fabulous!  you may enter three times, but you must nominate a different name each time.  this will increase your chances of winning, poodles, so hop to it!

the muse name that receives the most nominations wins the title.  so, feel free to review what other people have written and rally behind the same name if you desire.

please note, you don't have to pick the winning name in order to be eligible for the prize.  simply nominating a name puts you in the running.  i will pick one winner at random on monday, february 1st, at 9:00 pm PST.

and, finally, can we just take a moment to admire her stunning coiffure...

John_tusher_painting_white_sage_seattle_cu2 about an inspiration.

good luck, everybody!  and thank you, john, for entrusting us with such an important decision.  we love her, we love velocity, and we love you!

UPDATE!  due to the overwhelmingly amazing entries thus far, john tusher has added FOUR MORE PRIZES!  yep, five winners total will receive prints!  how fabulous is that?  thank you, john!!!!!