first let me say, your lovely blog gives me design to daydream wildly about!  *le sigh* 

secondly i need some help.  my friend just invited me to  a HUGE valentine's day rave/costume ball in philly (costumes required).  as a newly single girl, I'm not looking for love but I am looking to show up fabulous. i want an amazing, knock you off your feet, outlandish costume!  i'm a textiles and fibers design major, so I'm very handy with a sewing machine and love working with unconventional materials.  problem is, I'm stumped for ideas. 

i would be so grateful if you could maybe throw some ideas or dresses you've seen my way?  something a little lady gaga, retro fab, made out of household items, even a little drag queenie?  or anything else you think might make a great over the top valentine's day costume.


p.s.: Your brand-new-decade hair looks fabulous today!




dearest jenn,

i am deeply honored to be consulted on this matter of majestic pageantry.  indeed, a lovely lass such as yourself deserves to be the belle of the ball and the prettiest panty-dropper in the room.

i have put together a collection of inspirations taken from the catwalks of milan to the gay pride marches of brazil.  they may not reach the level of outlandishness that you desire, but they should provide a good base for needle and thread debauchery.

however, no matter what direction you choose, i have no doubt that much like the st. valentine's day massacre, you're going to knock 'em dead, darling!  you've got the spirit of supreme sparkle, so you are already 90% there.

{above: spanish designer agatha ruiz de la prada for milan fashion week.  also, images from unknown designers via weird fashion police.}

Polaroid_drag_queen_heart_ copy

{above left to right:  gay parade, são paulo  sergio sulama; i heart you johnny darqhorse;  brighton pride 2009 chalkhills; wigout: get your heart on sirene flux.}


above:  perhaps a simple puff in a shade of nipple pink?  plus, remember gloves add a touch of class to any outfit.  (image via chateau thombeau.)


above:  my personal favorite -- a frothy face frock.  from every angle, it's the ultimate aphrodisiac!

best of luck, jenn!  oh, and if i haven't mentioned it today -- your hair looks magnificent.

stay pretty,


questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.