color-o-philes hold onto your seats.  it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  pantone has lifted its skirt to reveal the magical color of 2010:

TURQUOISE!  #15-5519 to be exact.  according to the folks at pantone:

“turquoise transports us to an exciting, tropical paradise while offering a sense of protection and healing in stressful times.”

i confess...i am TOTALLY gay for turquoise.  my office walls are turquoise.  70% of my kitchen and serving ware is turquoise.  my first manic-panic hair color failure in high school -- turquoise.


{turquoise items, left to right from top: pantone mug (14.00); pantone espresso cups set of four (48.00); ball clock (29.99); eames elephant (290.00); braided bikini top (78.00) and bikini bottoms (68.00);  mid-century chair (ebay); silkcreened posters $24.00; terrier pillow (24.00);  wall balls (29.00);  pantone color swatch;  a cute triangle heel (44.99);  bullet planter(170.00).


i saw this living room (above left) on a site called house of turquoise.  i had no idea a site entirely dedicated to turquoise interiors existed, but then again, i'm sure they have no idea a site called WHORANGE exists either.  pleasure to meet you HOT.

the image above right is from designer thomas wold's home.  naturally, mr. wold crafted the magnificent bookshelf utilizing his signature repurposed materials know-how.  see more of his amazing abode on design*sponge.

i've stalked the home above ever since i found it on style files.  please notify the owners that i am ready to move in.  i have constructed the perfect outfit for each room -- from snow bunny chalet to summer brandy bacchanalia.

fondue party invites are in the mail.