the lovely miss holly becker of decor8 recently created a flickr group called "interior styling", which invites readers to submit purty pix of their hottie homes.
  holly carefully curates each submission and the results are quite craveable.

rules for submissions include "no flash photography," "no gratuitous product placement," and the one that disqualifies me completely -- "no porn."

here are a few of my faves from the group.  turquoise theme was not intended -- must be pantone's brainwashing taking effect.  damn you, #15-5519!

{above:  "the map" by ethanollie;  "redecorating" by candi mandi;  "morning ritual" by the gorgeous miss paola thomas of mirror, mirror.}

{above:  "boyhood fun" by trisha brink design;  "polished candlesticks" by rearranged design.

{above:  "piles of pity" by ninainvorm;  "some people..." by kari bombari;  "display love" by

thank you, holly, for the inspiration!