i feel like i have no choice but to register for gifts for my wedding, even though i'm dreading doing so.  in my culture, people give cash but my fiance's guests will be uber confused if there is no registry.
did you register?  do you have any thoughts on where to register?
i am thinking about doing multiple places.  i'd really like to have some eclectic things that i worry standard stores wouldn't be able to offer.

thanks for your help :)



dearest melody,

first of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  yay to you and mr. man!

initially, mr. whorange and i were not going to register.  especially with the recession in full swing, a gift registry felt somewhat extravagant and we didn't want to stress people out financially.  also, steve and i had been living together for years and owned all of the towels, linens, and appliances our little home could handle.

however, our "non-registry" news did not go over well with some friends and family members.  my newlywed friend gave me this piece of advice: "make it easy on your guests -- just register.  they will want to get you something, so you should put together a list for them."  she also showed me a collection of bride & groom teddy bears, rose embossed towels, and a crystal candelabra she had to return since she did not have a registry.

so, we opened up a few registries at various price points with a message letting guests know that their attendance was the best gift of all.  again, we didn't want anybody to feel obligated!

for brick-and-mortar shoppers, we chose a traditional store (crate & barrel).  for online shoppers, we chose a store we loved (velocity), a catchall (amazon), and a honeymoon registry (traveler's joy).

you'll be happy to know that many unique stores now offer registries, so i think you will find one that tickles your fancy.  here are a few i think are quite groovy:

amenity (modern organic linens, furniture, and accessories)

branch (sustainable design)

fitsu (modern furnishings and accessories)

jonathan adler (fab homewares)

heath ceramics (handcrafted tile and tableware)

a + r (modern accessories)

mod livin' (mid-century modern home)

relish (modern home goods)

also, visit your favorite neighborhood store to see if you can open a registry.  even if they don't offer registries on their website, many stores can still set up a special registry for you.

and, just in case you're are some of the items steve and i registered for:





{above from velocity art & design:  these are all accessories that i've coveted for years and will cherish forever and ever.  the eames hang-it-all; george nelson sunburst clock; cul de sac deer, bird, and evergreen plates;  harry allen chrome pig bank; eames house bird; offi overlap tray; kikkerland campfire votiveroost squirrel lamp.}


{above from crate & barrel:  i admit it...we registered for this eva zeisel reproduction dinnerwar after seeing it featured on mad men.  yeah, we're easy like that.}


{above from amazon:  for as long as i can remember, i've collected turquoise fiestaware.  it's our everyday tableware, so i figured replacing our broken sets would be a practical registry choice.  plus, i've been obsessed with flame le cruset ever since i saw it in a swiss chalet theme fashion spread in a 1970s vogue.  oh, and the jonathan adler whale pitcher...he was just begging to come home with us.}

Tropical_garden_room_at_the_sandollar restaurant_st_petersburg_FL


{above from traveler's joy:  we created a honeymoon registry for our trip to costa rica -- which we still have yet to take!  instead of physical gifts, guests had the option to purchase experiences and memories. gifts ranged from canopy zip line tours and romantic dinners to contributions towards airfare or hotels.  friends and family seemed to really like the honeymoon option.  even our more traditional family members opted for costa rica surfing lessons over cream & sugar sets.}

that's it!  i'd love to hear of more gift registry alternatives from other readers.  please feel free to contribute, kittens!

stay pretty,


{vintage postcard images via actionlog and johnny dollar.}

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