kittens, you are cordially invited to WHORANGE's afternoon tea party!  and, as always, (non-political) tea baggers are welcome.

have a seat and help yourself to a cucumber finger sandwich and a slice of spotted dick.  also, in honor of earth week, all tableware is 100% repurposed from grandma's attic by designers esther derkx, trixie delicious, and beat up creations.  mix and match your favorite picks.

now, let's raise a slutty teacup to a badass, semi-nude, eco-friendly tea party.  and, of course...may the force be with you (and your hair)!


{above: esther derkx = semi nude men and scantily clad ladies; trixie delicious = word play and juicy text; beat up creations = star wars portraits.}

{above: trixie delicious.  oh, and happy weed day! enjoy the spliff bowl!}

{above:  esther derkx.}

{above:  beat up creations.  PLEASE NOTE:  beat up creation's star wars plates are for decorative purposes only and are not food safe.}

{top image "the four elements" by mark ryden.}