on friday night, i boogied on down to the la luz de jesus gallery on hollywood blvd. to check out the resurrection of some little critters who once frolicked freely, but are now going rogue.

yep, i went to a taxidermy show.

keep in mind, the artists behind "the rogue taxidermy show" do not kill animals in their work.  instead they promote a "recycling" philosophy by using animals who perished via roadkill or natural causes.  the taxidermists utilize technology and decoration to create pieces that approach high art not only in craft, but in concept.  styles span from steam punk to rococo, and from photography to sculpture.

sure, there are a few pieces that are literally gut-wrenching, but overall, the artwork is playful and surprisingly elegant. 

oh, and there is weasel playing an accordion.  need i say more?


{above:   "accordion jugador" by mirmy winn.}


{above left:  "franken-pussy" by sarina brewer;  above right: "Frick 'n Frack" by sarina brewer.}


{above: "cotton" by brooke weston.}


{above:  "fighting siberian mice" by jeanie m.}


{above left:  "ladon" by mirmy winn;  above right:  "pimped peep: by sarina brewer.}


{above:  close up of franken-pussy.}

WHAT:  the rogue taxidermy show

WHERE:  la luz de jesus gallery
4633 hollywood blvd.
los angeles, CA 90027
(323) 666-7667

WHEN:  now - may 30th


BONUS:  weasel playing an accordion.  plus, uni-corn corn holders are for sale in the WACKO gift shop.

{all pix by WHORANGE.  see more here.}