this summer promises a heavy dose of sunshine and an addictive dose of new mad men.

now, for those of us who remember summer picnics with the drapers in season 2, we know that betty & don are not the cleanest campers.  sure, their hair may look fantastic, but lobbing beers cans into the park and dumping picnic rubbish on the grass made our pretty pair look pretty ugly.

therefore, this season, i propose a sustainable outing with biodegradable plates and cups, compostable utensils, and groovy gear that betty wouldn't dare leave behind.

although, this year i suppose betty is leaving don behind.  that's okay, betty...i'll take mr. draper home with me.


{left to right from the top:  save the date dress (99.99);  retro flask (£18.75 each);  blyton red tea picnic tin (£70.00);  kate spade charlize sunglasses (148.00);  compostable fork, knife & spoon (prices vary);  biodegradable cold cups (prices vary);  kissing rabbits picnic blanket (£36.00);  biodegradable plates, bowls, & trays (prices vary);  vintage plastic divided plates and cups (8.00).