it's that time of the month again, kittens -- time for WHORANGE'S monthly pad.

this month's pad comes to us from fitzsimmons architects who gloriously actualized the oklahoma home of wayne coyne of the flaming lips.

filled with hidden passage ways, "dragon egg" sunken bathing pods, and lots of natural light, the flaming lips house is a fantastical fixture and music studio in the middle of a troubled neighborhood in oklahoma.  wayne actually grew up in the neighborhood and is committed to revitalizing his community along with his wife.







and...as a finishing touch, a 50 dragon will eventually be perched upon the rooftop!  as well it should be.

after all, every magical pad deserves a dragon.  PERIOD.


{all images via fitzsimmons architects.}

if you'd like your home to be considered for WHORANGE'S montly pad, please drop me a line at [email protected].  feel free to include two non-flash, composed, sexy pix of your darling den.  no nudity required.  xoxo.