get your paddles ready, kittens, because we're going to an auction!

yep, a handful of mad men's mid-century, office furniture (and other goods) are up on the ebay block.  so, if you've ever wanted to love upon the same love seat that pete campbell and peggy olsen loved upon, now is your chance.  to top it off, a portion of the proceeds benefit the city of hope.

now, let's peruse a few of the mad wares, shall we?


{above:  don draper's side table - dark brown wood.  cane work bottom shelf.}


{above:  roger sterling's walnut side table with lower, spindle shelf.}


{above:   lane & duck's delicious turquoise sofa.}


{above:  my personal fave - sofa with attached side table.}


{above:  and finally....joan's pea green frock as featured in the infamous office lawn mower incident.}

and if your hair is looking extraordinarily fantastic,  you can bid to have a walk-on spot on the show, too.  however, you wallet's gotta look twice as good, since bids are pushing the $16,000 mark.