last night, i dreamt i was pumping gas with punk princess and gossip front-woman beth ditto.  that's right -- in my dreams, even gas stations are fabulous.

upon awakening, i googled miss beth to see if my dream was "a sign," and indeed it was!  i came across her new, fantasmic fall 2010 fashion collaboration with the uk brand evans.


beth ditto, the outspoken (and occasionally pant-less) performer, designs clothing?  beyond brilliant!  in 2001, i saw beth perform in hollywood.  she wore a hot pink, skin-tight, satin tube dress and eventually stripped down to nothing but a bra and spanx.  

however, along with her barely there stage attire, beth's been known to attend fashion shows and walk the red carpet wearing vintage gowns and theatrically designed frocks.  i imagine her closet is quite impressive.


also, as a size 20-22, beth is an advocate for celebrating and embracing the beauty of large women.  in an article for the guardian, she wrote:

"Start by wearing clothes with the intention of reclaiming your self-esteem, clothes that make you feel good, confident, sexy even, instead of clothes meant to hide your body. You can also look at your body more. A lot of us ignore our bodies. Connect with your body instead, especially when naked."


beth's latest collection for evans (as it turns out this is her 2nd collection with the brand) reflects street-styles throughout the decades from 60s chevron-stripes to 80s sweater dress glam.

sizes size range from 14 - 32.

above:  a tasty peek at beth ditto's collection.  see the entire collection, plus a short film starring beth, here.


finally, let's hope a domestic brand teams up with our southern-bred, portland-based miss ditto.  the american market is truly in need of kick-ass, plus size collections.

thanks, beth ditto!  you are a true WHORANGE hero (and dreamgirl!)