whether you're fondling your latest itunes playlist or setting the mood in your basement discotheque, your audio system is a fundamental component to your listening pleasure.  however, did you know you can craft a system that not only sounds groovy, but looks groovy, too?

thanks to a tutorial featured on unpluggd by of blue ant's joel pirela, you can!  joel offers instructions on how to make these fabulous speakers inspired by the audio designs of dieter rams and charles eames.


to top it off, joel's DIY system utilizes a wireless streaming audio technology that can be controlled with an iphone.  pretty much, you can stream music wherever you have an AC outlet.  portable, practical, and pretty as a pony.

click here for the full tutorial.

Mid-century-speakers_DIY_Wireless_Audio_ System

Speakers_DIY_Dieter_Rams Inspired_Wireless_Audio_ System

Mid-century-speakers_DIY_Wireless_Audio_ System_veneer

Speakers_DIY_Dieter_Rams Inspired_Wireless_Audio_ System_veneer

{via the magnificent man blog - man made.}