happy monday, kittens!

as you know, at WHORANGE, it's all about you.  so today, i'm giving you a special gift:  clint eastwood.  more specifically -- a young clint eastwood with fabulous hair!

yes, the gun-slinging, chimpanzee-friending, oscar-winning man from alcatraz once coiffed a fistful of follicles before making A FistFul Of Dollars.  and for this...i applaud him.



from shirtless phone calls to carefree afternoons at the gym, clint kept his pompadour pristine.

but, of course, with the good comes the bad and the ugly.  for example, high school was not so kind...


...but we forgive him, don't we?  after all, young clinton was on the senior banquet committee, and we honor anyone committed to tablescapes.

dirty harry, who knew you were such a hair hopper?  thank you for making our day!

{via the selvedge yard.}