"I feel like I’m stuck somewhere between Doris Day in Pillow Talk and Midnight Lace, when what I need to be is Kim Novak in just about anything."

— joan holloway in "long weekend"


mad men's joan holloway harris has endured a rough year, kittens.  our hard-working, hard-loving gal pal received a penniless promotion and was sperminated by ex-partner-in-crime roger sterling.  but, through it all, joan wielded her sass and smarts and proved, once again, she's a tough-as-nails lady wrapped up in a drop-dead-gorgeous package.




whether she's leading the conga line at the company's holiday party, saving interoffice lawnmower victims, or singing "c'est magnifique!" while playing accordion, joan leaves behind a wake of admiring fans.

therefore, i hereby declare joan holloway harris an honorary WHORANGE hero and the inspiration for today's mad men holiday gift guide.  a tip of the tiara to you, lady joan!

(too bad we can't gift you a new husband, though.)


 {above:  1. vivienne westwood anglomania donna jersey dress (290.00);  2. 1960s vintage inspired gold tone pen necklace (20.00);  3. heart pocket mirror (£6.95);  4. multi crystal cluster earrings (275.00);  5. la perla new venus satin push-up bra (315.00);  6. la perla new venus satin briefs (185.00);  7. nars jungle red lipstick (24.00);  8. reversible leather three fold wallet (137.00);  9. story of o graphic novel hardcover (16.47);  10. sterling's gold: wit and wisdom of an ad man (11.53);  11. kate spade camryn houndstooth peep toe pumps (205.00);  12. kikkerland first aid box (20.00);  13. rabid fox gold lions ring (140.00);  14. orla kiely tripp cabin upright luggage (for when she leaves her husband) (305.00);  jo ann castle accordion in hi-fi album (make an offer).}

and, a paper doll...



{above:  downloadable "joan harris" paper doll by dyna moe.  download for free here.}