it's that time of the month again, kittens -- time for WHORANGE'S monthly pad.

this month's pad comes to us from the los feliz neighborhood in los angeles.  it's called the sowden house and was built in 1928 by lloyd wright, jr..  i've been obsessed with this house since i was three-years-old.  we drove past it almost daily and i always wondered if the person living inside was utterly fabulous or completely crazy -- or both.

it's most notable feature is it's mayan temple facade that resembles the mouth of a gigantic shark.  in other words -- hot.


i expected the interior to be fantastical with turquoise waterfalls and parrots pouring flaming rum cocktails.  but, is very beige, brass, and brown.


 but, check out that window.



perhaps your recognize the sowden house from films such as "the aviator," where it doubled for ava gardner's lair.


or, perhaps you know it best as the model pad on "america's next top model."  if this is the case, congratulations, you have just been elected to the WHORANGE board of directors.


on a darker note, theory has it that a famous murder took place at the sowden house in the 50s.  but, i'm not going into detail here.  after all, it's not the house's fault.



did i mention the sowden house is for sale?  price tag: $4.2 million.

that's a bunch of millions out of my budget.

therefore, if anybody purchases it, please invite me over for a round of parrot-poured rum cocktails and a romp through the turquiose waterfalls.  i promise to bring cupcakes.

{via the huffington post.}