kittens, it's that time of the month again...time for WHORANGE'S monthly pad.

today's 4000 sq. foot pad comes to us from the land of ABBA and is filled with life-sized horse lamps and a rainbow parquet floor.  the visionaries behind this swedish lair hail from the architectural firm tham & videgĂ„rd hanson.  the view of humlegĂ„rden park, with its changing leaves, inspired their colorful concoction.

each room is voluptuously vivid from floor to ceiling.  with stark white furniture and tons of places for prancing and posing, it's like a minimalist's dream house on designer acid.






of course, the sensory stimulating floor beckons the question:  should i shimmy from room to room wearing go-go boots or roller skates?

decisions, decisions.

{discoved on the always magnificent designer padlove him!}