as a long time reader & WHORANGE peddler, i come to you with a challenge to solve with all of your fabulous mod/vintage/amazingness.  i am starting a new job at a financial firm after years in the wild advertising world.  as a graphic designer who is obsessed with 60s style and my own personal collection of kitchy owl & fish necklaces, what am i supposed to wear!?!  i want to be professional, and dress in the appropriate business causal, but i am petrified of the idea my wardrobe will transition to a sea of grey tweed, paisley button ups, and general banana republicism.  i don't think I will be able to show my face in polite society if that is my destiny.

and so I am asking you to write a blog entry on those of us caught in the vortex of corporate america, clinging to any strings of mod joy we can reach. HELP US, HELP US DRESS TO THE NINES!!!!!!

faithfully waiting,


dearest ashley,

congratulations on your new job, darling.  i'm sure you'll be the belle of the business ball!

yes, i do believe it is possible to clock-in corporate casual without becoming a fashion fuddy-duddy.  naturally, pulling it off is all in the attitude (which you have in glorious spades!), so even if you're donning grey tweed, you have the panache to pull it off.

start with a classic silhouette, nothing strappy (unless you're covering up with a fitted blazer or cardigan), and add few small vintage accessories so you'll feel like yourself while still complying to the office dress code. 

also, mix pops of color in with muted tones to keep things fresh and fab.


{above: 1. tupelo dress (168.00);  2. take action dress (168.00);  3. taupe for the best dress (120.99);  4. vintage 1960s slingback touring torino heels (38.00);  5.  kate spade bixby clutch (325.00);  6. retro dollie earrings (9.99);  7. 1960s vintage inspired gold tone pen necklace (20.00);  8. seychelles aquamarine mustard heels (49.99).}




{above:  1. lemon liftoff blouse (118.00);  2. ASOS red lunar cross body bag (103.43);  3. estée lauder double wear stay-in-place lipstick in mulberry (23.00);  4. owl ring (11.99);  5. midnight meeting oxfords (198.00);  6. fontanka trousers (147.00).}



{above:  1. daisy daze eyelet dress in green $67.99;  2. rough stone earrings (46.00);   3. kate spade fiorella may short necklace (103.00);  4. owl earrings (15.99);  5.  emilia's charm leather cutout heels in beige (49.99);  6. kate spade flicker stevie purse (276.00).}



and, YES!  mad men's costume designer, janie bryant, has created an exclusive mad men-inspired designs for banana republic's fall 2011 line!  (perhaps she did this in your honor?)  i know you're afraid of looking like a banana republican, but can your resist this collection?   i have my eye on the red and grey dress.  meow!  check out the entire collection here.

hope this helps, miss ashley!

stay pretty,

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.