over the weekend, i cruised on down to little tokyo and stumbled upon the wishing tree located in the japanese village plaza.

the wishing tree project began in july, courtesy of naoko ikeda, the owner of blooming arts gallery.  naoko placed bamboo trees and colorful strips of paper, pens, and ribbons outside of her shoppe as a place for angelinos to write messages and offer wishes for post-quake japan.  she states, "i want people here in los angeles to think about people in japan." plus, "when people are writing the wishes they look so happy."

personal wishes are also encouraged.  everything from "wishing for peace, love & decent employment" to "i really, really hope she likes me" graced the trees.

of course, i made a few wishes of my own...





i'll keep you posted on their fruition.

visit the wishing tree at:

blooming arts gallery (outside)
129 japanese village plaza mall
los angeles, ca 90012