over the weekend, i slipped into my swan dress and checked out a few halloween shindigs around town.  we started at an eclectic co-op in the sunset junction, stumbled into a strobe-lit bouncy house in echo park, and did some dancing at a gold lamé queen's lair.

around 2:00 a.m., we found ourselves at this entourage-esque mansion off of mulholland drive.  rumor has it, the grand pad belongs to some mysterious, music mogul's kid who only lives there a few days out of the year and uses it primarily for throwing parties that he may, or may not, attend.  nobody really knows who he is or what he looks like.  he's like the banksy of trust fund kids.

ohh-kay.  anyways...

mixed amongst the cleverly-costumed patrons, sexy chewbaccas, and black swaned ballerinas was a house filled with some mightily impressive furnishings.  it broke my heart a little, because the place was getting trashed and all i wanted to do was rescue the furniture.

in an attempt to honor the few pieces that remained unscathed, i pulled out my pocket camera and snapped a few shots of some of my favorite decor moments. 


{above:  a white, mid-century, metal flower pendant lamp hangs amongst a field of subtlety psychedelic wallpaper.}


{above:  a steel, studio 54-style, beaded curtain separates the screening room from a surprisingly quiet reading room.}


{above:  cobweb-covered sputnik lamp and vintage sunburst clock.}


{above:  a vintage floor lamp with gorgeous orange and turquoise glass shades, which appear white in the photograph.}

oh, and the top photo is of me and my hubby steve in the backyard cemetery.  as we like to say, "till death do us part is for wussies."

have a happy halloween, darlings!