resolutions -- i don't usually make them, because i usually can't keep them.  however, i did conjure a mental to-do list this year and actually checked off one of the big ticket items yesterday!

i organized my dreaded delightful dress closet (a.k.a. the closet that contains practically every dress i've owned for the past 15 years).

yes, i hold onto dresses forever.  it's like that show hoarders, but not depressing, because it's dresses.  also, half of them are vintage, so i justify holding onto them for their "one-of-a-kind" value.  but the truth is, i can't bare parting with them because they are like dear, loyal friends.  however, yesterday, i took stock of my threads and made a donate pile, a clothes swap pile, and a repair pile.  it was like the last 10 minutes of a TLC makeover show, only some cute guy didn't build shelves inside of my closet to celebrate my decluttering achievement.

but enough about me, how about you?  anybody else tackling a monster in the closet this year?

if so, perhaps one of these fabulous "i will achieve my goals" clipboard by decoylab will provide a little motivation.  they almost make me want to make another goal.  almost.