Friends of type hunker down shelter by Jason Wong

this post goes out to my friends, family, and readers on the east coast who are hunkered down due to hurricane sandy. i want to send a little bit of sunshine and lots of love from california.

i've been reading twitter, tracking updates and viewing photos from the field. also, i've been tracking the twitter feed of newark's mayor cory booker, whose superhero, on-the-ground response to NJ citizens in need is courageous and the true definition of leadership. i recommend you follow him, too!

hold tight, east coast. we are all pulling for you! xo

Rainy winter weather yellow black fashion
{above: "shelter" by jason wong; 1. dear creatures camille dress; 2. vera meat ship helm charm necklace; 3. un-teal the clouds clear umbrella in canary; 4. pan am innovator bag; 5. orla kiely the fox of life coat; 6. hunter regent carlyle rain boots; 7. leather heart cut out gloves.}