Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson interactive script

a few years ago, i wrote about my experience working in the art department on feature films, but i've never written about my many, many, many years working in development at various production companies at universal and fox.

"working in development" involves reading and developing screenplays, books, articles, pitches, sketches, comic books, video games, etc. and making them into films. i worked on scripts that ranged from penelope to munich. i met some of the most talented and creative people on the planet and had the honor to work with a handful of them. 

i assisted wes anderson's producer, barry mendel, soon after the royal tenenbaums hit the theaters. i was a huge fan of anderson's and danced a little dance when barry gave me the criterion collection of wes's films.

moonrise kingdom continued my admiration for anderson's aesthetic and storytelling, and this new interactive and illustrated version of the screenplay keeps the development and art department nerd in me inspired and happy.

Moonrise Kingdom screenplay Wes Anderson Roman Coppola

Moonrise Kingdom interactive screenplay script Wes Anderson

Moonrise Kingdom production design illusration Adam Stockhausen

Moonrise Kingdom prodution design illustration notes

Moonrise Kingdom art dirction tree house

Moonrise Kingdom Edward Norton camp art direction

Moonrise Kingdom art dirction production design illustration

Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson storyboard

Moonrise Kingdom Wes Anderson screenplay

Moonrise Kingdom director Wes Anderson on set

Moonrise Kingdom production design illustration

Moonrise Kingdom screenplay interactive script

Moonrise Kingdom art dirction painting

read the moonrise kingdom screeplay and view the artwork here. you can even download a PDF copy!

{interactive moonrise kingdom script courtesy of focus features.} {via rookie magazine.}