Dan Kiley Miller house architecture cherry blossom trees

kittens, it's that time of the month again...time for WHORANGE'S monthly pad.

today's pad comes to us from columbus, indiana, and is one of the most playful and purdiest around - the miller house. completed in 1957 for industrialist and philanthropist j. irwin miller, the building was designed by the one-and-only eero saarinen. yes, saarinen! and there is an illuminated tulip table to prove it!

alexander girard designed the interiors (and stayed on as the interior designer for 15 years) and dan kiley crafted the landscape architecture.

what could go wrong, right? the answer is nothing. nothing went wrong (at least visually).

behold the work of a mid-century dream team, darlings...

Alexander Girard Miller house front gate detail photography Leslie Williamson

{above exterior: alexander girard's painted iron gate.}

Alexander Girard Miller house sunken sitting area Leslie Williamson

{above living room: many of the home's rugs and textiles were custom designed by girard in shades of reds for winter and pastels for spring.}

Alexander Girard Miller house sunken living room sofa Leslie Williamson

{above living room: a sunken sofa sectional with stairs. perfect for a sleep overs, salons, or love-ins.}

Alexander Girard Miller house cylindrical fireplace living room photography Leslie Williamson

{above living room: two words - cylindrical fireplace.}

Alexander Girard Miller house light up Saarinen marble and terrazzo table Leslie Williamson

{above dining room: an illuminated, saarinen, marble top, tulip table and chairs. yes...illuminated!}

Alexander Girard Miller house Saarinen marble and terrazzo table

{above dining room: girard rud and needlepoint chairs.}

Alexander Girard Miller house office photography Leslie Williamson

{above: a playroom turned office.}

Alexander Girard Miller house master closet stool and mirror

{above: wife xenia's closet features a custom stool upholstered in girard’s mogul 081 fabric.}

Alexander Girard Miller house mosaic tile wall Leslie Williamson photography

{above kitchen: a blue mosiac tile wonderland.}

Alexander Girard Miller house curtain fabric photography Leslie Williamson

Alexander Girard Miller house fabric story

{above: girard's master textile plan.}

Alexander Girard Miller house eero saarinen tulip chairs photography Leslie Williamson

did i mentioned the miller home is open for tours and coveting? get your passport and binoculars ready. read all about it here

{photography by leslie williamson for dwell; via the north elevation and des chaises en couleur.}