Papier Papillon by Shigeru Ban for a Papillon in Architecture for Dogs

japanese graphic designer, kenya hara, collaborated with a handful of acclaimed artists and designers to create architecturally awesome doghouses and structures. each design was specifically customized to particular a pooch's size, shape, and temperament.

the result - 13 stylish canine spaces. but, that's not all...each creation comes with a DIY, downloadable blueprint! yes, you can build your doggie their own architectural pad!

from ribboned cardboard sculptures to pug plywood mountains, our loyal four-legged friends definitely deserve a little structural swank.

Pointed T by NDC Haruka Misawa for a Japanese Terrier in Architecture for Dogs

{above: 'pointed T'  by hara design institute for a japanese terrier.}

Mount Pug by Kengo Kuma in Architecture for Dogs

{above: mount pug by kengo kuma.}

Mobile Home for Shiba by Toyo Ito in Architecture for Dogs

{above: mobile home for shiba by toyo ito.}

Chihuahua white cloud by Reiser and Umemoto in Architecture for Dogs

Chihuahua cloud by Reiser and Umemoto in Architecture for Dogs

{above: chihuahua cloud by reiser + umemoto.}

Kenya Hara dog ramps Architecture for Dogs

{above: for long-bodied, short-legged dogs by atelier bowwow.}

see all 13 structures (including videos of the dogs interacting with the designs) at

{top image: papier papillon by shigeru ban for a papillon.}