Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA camera

over the weekend, i boogied on down to the los angeles county museum of art with steve and our friend denise to experience the closing weekend of LACMA's stanley kubrick exhibition.

i confess, i have been obsessed with kubrick since childhood. sure, his dark, controversial, and sexually charged films are not, um, appropriate elementary and jr. high viewing, but i simply could not get enough of the groovy '60s space costumes and decor in 2001: a space odyssey. i was also fascinated by malcolm mcdowell's false eyelash in a clockwork orange.

the true complexity and subversiveness of kubrick's films didn't kick in until i was much older. i studied his films in college and collected his screenplays when i landed a job in development at a film production company.

kubrick's characters are simply iconic. they make an impact emotionally and visually. they are the darkest of antiheroes and even manage to make us laugh (uncomfortably) when they do very, very, very bad things. it's impossible to go to a halloween party and not see at least one kubrick-inspired costume -- from alex's jaunty white jumpsuit and codpiece, to the grady twins' blue baby doll dresses and black mary janes. 

Film posters Lolita Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA

Kubrick camera lens exhibit LACMA

{above: kubrick's many, many, many camera lenses.}

Dr Strangelove top secret doc Kubrick exhibit LACMA

War Room production sketch Dr Strangelove by Ken Adam Kubrick LACMA

Dr Strangelove war room miniature Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: "dr. strangelove" props; the war room sketch by production designer ken adam; the war room miniature model on display.}

Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA camera from Barry Lyndon camera

{above: steve peeks through kubrick's camera for barry lyndon. NASA zeiss lenses were used to capture the candlelit film.}

The shining slate kubrick LACMA

The Shining Alder typewriter Kubrick LACMA exhibit

The Shining Alder typewriter All Work and No Play Kubrick LACMA

Danny Apollo sweater The Shining Kubrick

Danny Apollo sweater The Shining Kubrick exhibit LACMA

Grady girl twins The Shining

Grady girl twins The Shining Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: props and costumes from "the shining."}

Jack nicholson and stanley kubrick on the set of the shining

Kubrick exhibit LACMA The Shining maze model production

{above: on the set of "the shining."}

Kubrick exhibit LACMAThe Shining rejected poster

Saul Bass letter to Kubrick The Shining

{above: saul bass's letter to kubrick regarding five sketches he submitted for the shining's poster; kubrick's handwritten note states that bass's eye maze is "too abstract." by the way, how much do we love saul bass's signature?}

Alex A Clockwork Orange codpiece costume Stanley Kubrick exhibit LACMA

A Clockwork Orange Korova Milk Bar Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: "a clockwork orange." alex's infamous white jumpsuit and codpiece; porn statue from the korova milk bar.}

2001 A Space Odyssey pink groovy furniture Kubrick LACMA

Arne Jacobsen cutlery 2001 A Space Odyssey Kubrick LACMA exhibit

{above: "2001: a space odyssey" hot pink lounge furniture; arne jacobsen's cutlery featured in the film.}

Costume design 2001 A Space Odyssey baby Kubrick exhibit LACMA hardy amies

Hardy Amies costume design 2001 a space odyssey

{above: "2001: a space odyssey" costume sketches and design by hardy amies.}

2001 A Space Odyssey baby Kubrick exhibit LACMA

{above: 2001: a space odyssey's giant baby.}

{all exhibition photography by me. hope you enjoyed it!}