Obama NODAPL water is life

Dear President Obama,

Remember when you and First Lady Michelle visited Standing Rock two years ago for Cannon Ball Flag Day? I scrapbooked the beautiful photos for you to remind you of the promises you made that day. You celebrated with the Sioux, met the youth, and gave a moving speech.

You said, "I realize that a powwow isn’t just about celebrating the past. It’s also about looking to the future. It’s about keeping sacred traditions alive for the next generation, for these beautiful children. And I think we can follow the lead of Standing Rock’s most famous resident, Chief Sitting Bull. He said, 'Let’s put our minds together to see what we can build for our children.' There’s no denying that for some Americans the deck has been stacked against them, sometimes for generations. And that’s been the case for many Native Americans. But if we’re working together, we can make things better. We’ve got a long way to go. But if we do our part, I believe that we can turn the corner. We can break old cycles. We can give our children a better future. I know because I’ve talked to these young people. I know they can succeed. I know they’ll be leaders not just in Indian Country, but across America. And we’ve got to invest in them and believe in them and love them, and that starts from the White House all the way down here."

President Obama, please do not forget your promises. Do not forget the Standing Rock Sioux. Invest in their health, their future, and help them succeed as you said you would. Demand a halt or rerouting of the pipeline. Declare Standing Rock a national monument. Stop the brutal, militarized policing of the water protectors. Tomorrow is the deadline -- the Army Corps of Engineers and ND Governor's will demand the reservation's evacuation. The vets are at Standing Rock right now defending the Sioux. You can, too. Yes, you can, President Obama. Yes, you can. Thank you.