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dear WHORANGE: craving '60s business casual



as a long time reader & WHORANGE peddler, i come to you with a challenge to solve with all of your fabulous mod/vintage/amazingness.  i am starting a new job at a financial firm after years in the wild advertising world.  as a graphic designer who is obsessed with 60s style and my own personal collection of kitchy owl & fish necklaces, what am i supposed to wear!?!  i want to be professional, and dress in the appropriate business causal, but i am petrified of the idea my wardrobe will transition to a sea of grey tweed, paisley button ups, and general banana republicism.  i don't think I will be able to show my face in polite society if that is my destiny.

and so I am asking you to write a blog entry on those of us caught in the vortex of corporate america, clinging to any strings of mod joy we can reach. HELP US, HELP US DRESS TO THE NINES!!!!!!

faithfully waiting,


dearest ashley,

congratulations on your new job, darling.  i'm sure you'll be the belle of the business ball!

yes, i do believe it is possible to clock-in corporate casual without becoming a fashion fuddy-duddy.  naturally, pulling it off is all in the attitude (which you have in glorious spades!), so even if you're donning grey tweed, you have the panache to pull it off.

start with a classic silhouette, nothing strappy (unless you're covering up with a fitted blazer or cardigan), and add few small vintage accessories so you'll feel like yourself while still complying to the office dress code. 

also, mix pops of color in with muted tones to keep things fresh and fab.


{above: 1. tupelo dress (168.00);  2. take action dress (168.00);  3. taupe for the best dress (120.99);  4. vintage 1960s slingback touring torino heels (38.00);  5.  kate spade bixby clutch (325.00);  6. retro dollie earrings (9.99);  7. 1960s vintage inspired gold tone pen necklace (20.00);  8. seychelles aquamarine mustard heels (49.99).}




{above:  1. lemon liftoff blouse (118.00);  2. ASOS red lunar cross body bag (103.43);  3. estée lauder double wear stay-in-place lipstick in mulberry (23.00);  4. owl ring (11.99);  5. midnight meeting oxfords (198.00);  6. fontanka trousers (147.00).}



{above:  1. daisy daze eyelet dress in green $67.99;  2. rough stone earrings (46.00);   3. kate spade fiorella may short necklace (103.00);  4. owl earrings (15.99);  5.  emilia's charm leather cutout heels in beige (49.99);  6. kate spade flicker stevie purse (276.00).}



and, YES!  mad men's costume designer, janie bryant, has created an exclusive mad men-inspired designs for banana republic's fall 2011 line!  (perhaps she did this in your honor?)  i know you're afraid of looking like a banana republican, but can your resist this collection?   i have my eye on the red and grey dress.  meow!  check out the entire collection here.

hope this helps, miss ashley!

stay pretty,

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dear WHORANGE: going for the gold


i recently read that "gold is the new black" for fall.  how do you plan to incorporate this into your fall wardrobe?

thank you for your time,



dearest naomi,

i always ascribe to a fashion philosophy of simplicity and practicality.  henceforth... 


perfect for any occasion.

{mogollon self promotion poster for the gordon bennett bar.}

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dear WHORANGE: did you have a wedding gift registry?


i feel like i have no choice but to register for gifts for my wedding, even though i'm dreading doing so.  in my culture, people give cash but my fiance's guests will be uber confused if there is no registry.
did you register?  do you have any thoughts on where to register?
i am thinking about doing multiple places.  i'd really like to have some eclectic things that i worry standard stores wouldn't be able to offer.

thanks for your help :)



dearest melody,

first of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  yay to you and mr. man!

initially, mr. whorange and i were not going to register.  especially with the recession in full swing, a gift registry felt somewhat extravagant and we didn't want to stress people out financially.  also, steve and i had been living together for years and owned all of the towels, linens, and appliances our little home could handle.

however, our "non-registry" news did not go over well with some friends and family members.  my newlywed friend gave me this piece of advice: "make it easy on your guests -- just register.  they will want to get you something, so you should put together a list for them."  she also showed me a collection of bride & groom teddy bears, rose embossed towels, and a crystal candelabra she had to return since she did not have a registry.

so, we opened up a few registries at various price points with a message letting guests know that their attendance was the best gift of all.  again, we didn't want anybody to feel obligated!

for brick-and-mortar shoppers, we chose a traditional store (crate & barrel).  for online shoppers, we chose a store we loved (velocity), a catchall (amazon), and a honeymoon registry (traveler's joy).

you'll be happy to know that many unique stores now offer registries, so i think you will find one that tickles your fancy.  here are a few i think are quite groovy:

amenity (modern organic linens, furniture, and accessories)

branch (sustainable design)

fitsu (modern furnishings and accessories)

jonathan adler (fab homewares)

heath ceramics (handcrafted tile and tableware)

a + r (modern accessories)

mod livin' (mid-century modern home)

relish (modern home goods)

also, visit your favorite neighborhood store to see if you can open a registry.  even if they don't offer registries on their website, many stores can still set up a special registry for you.

and, just in case you're curious...here are some of the items steve and i registered for:





{above from velocity art & design:  these are all accessories that i've coveted for years and will cherish forever and ever.  the eames hang-it-all; george nelson sunburst clock; cul de sac deer, bird, and evergreen plates;  harry allen chrome pig bank; eames house bird; offi overlap tray; kikkerland campfire votiveroost squirrel lamp.}


{above from crate & barrel:  i admit it...we registered for this eva zeisel reproduction dinnerwar after seeing it featured on mad men.  yeah, we're easy like that.}


{above from amazon:  for as long as i can remember, i've collected turquoise fiestaware.  it's our everyday tableware, so i figured replacing our broken sets would be a practical registry choice.  plus, i've been obsessed with flame le cruset ever since i saw it in a swiss chalet theme fashion spread in a 1970s vogue.  oh, and the jonathan adler whale pitcher...he was just begging to come home with us.}

Tropical_garden_room_at_the_sandollar restaurant_st_petersburg_FL


{above from traveler's joy:  we created a honeymoon registry for our trip to costa rica -- which we still have yet to take!  instead of physical gifts, guests had the option to purchase experiences and memories. gifts ranged from canopy zip line tours and romantic dinners to contributions towards airfare or hotels.  friends and family seemed to really like the honeymoon option.  even our more traditional family members opted for costa rica surfing lessons over cream & sugar sets.}

that's it!  i'd love to hear of more gift registry alternatives from other readers.  please feel free to contribute, kittens!

stay pretty,


{vintage postcard images via actionlog and johnny dollar.}

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dear WHORANGE: seeking modern day doggie style


Dear Whorange,

I will soon be obtaining a cuddly little love muffin of a puppy, and feel there is no better way to lavish a new bundle of joy than spoiling it rotten with lush accessories.

My dilemma - I have slaved over my decor too much to risk ruining its beauty with a doudy fleece pillow bed from PetSmart.

Do you know of any good places to score some groovy trimmings and frills for my future mid century pooch?

Many thanks,

P.S. Your hair is more fab. than any cool cat on the block.


dearest jackie,

congratulations on your newest addition!  i assume you'll be taking prettily posed portraits with your pooch?  joan and zsa zsa would be proud.

regarding your doggie design dilemma, bringing panache to your pup's pad is easy peasy.  although i'm a kitten gal, i do love pups.  in fact, i've been admiring puppy products for quite sometime.  here are a few of my faves:

{above: left to right from the top: twins food/water dog bowl (40.00);  dxg bxone (9.99);  bowhaus (599.00);  magis dog house (1,011.00);  adler bed bones (195.00);  enamel modernist dog tags (17.00);  zen haus (525.00);  fatboy marimekko bed (139.00).}

{above:  left to right from the top:  squirrel and owl dog beds by decaf plush (105.00-130.00);  ollydog wish bone (22.00);  anti-splash bowl (34.00);  holden single feeder (80.00);  caravan dog leash (49.00);  british flag dog bed (245.00);  pot leaf sweater (34.00);  caravan dog collar (36.00);  doca pet ybowl (30.00-36.00).}


{above:  left to right from the top:  mint flavored and scented 'tug' chew toy (20.00);  lupita dog bowl (80.00);  adler dog bowl (50.00-78.00);  elton the octopus (14.00);  peony standing feeder (110.00);   holden design dog bed (250.00);  jumbo vinyl dog feeding mats by george (13.00);  loop dog house (160.00);  dog trainer (30.00);  lime corduroy car coat (70.00-100.00).}


and, of course...the ultimate handbook.  joan will teach you all you need to know.

have fun building your pup's palace, darling!

stay pretty,


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dear WHORANGE: seeking style for the st. valentine's day ball



first let me say, your lovely blog gives me design to daydream wildly about!  *le sigh* 

secondly i need some help.  my friend just invited me to  a HUGE valentine's day rave/costume ball in philly (costumes required).  as a newly single girl, I'm not looking for love but I am looking to show up fabulous. i want an amazing, knock you off your feet, outlandish costume!  i'm a textiles and fibers design major, so I'm very handy with a sewing machine and love working with unconventional materials.  problem is, I'm stumped for ideas. 

i would be so grateful if you could maybe throw some ideas or dresses you've seen my way?  something a little lady gaga, retro fab, made out of household items, even a little drag queenie?  or anything else you think might make a great over the top valentine's day costume.


p.s.: Your brand-new-decade hair looks fabulous today!




dearest jenn,

i am deeply honored to be consulted on this matter of majestic pageantry.  indeed, a lovely lass such as yourself deserves to be the belle of the ball and the prettiest panty-dropper in the room.

i have put together a collection of inspirations taken from the catwalks of milan to the gay pride marches of brazil.  they may not reach the level of outlandishness that you desire, but they should provide a good base for needle and thread debauchery.

however, no matter what direction you choose, i have no doubt that much like the st. valentine's day massacre, you're going to knock 'em dead, darling!  you've got the spirit of supreme sparkle, so you are already 90% there.

{above: spanish designer agatha ruiz de la prada for milan fashion week.  also, images from unknown designers via weird fashion police.}

Polaroid_drag_queen_heart_ copy

{above left to right:  gay parade, são paulo  sergio sulama; i heart you johnny darqhorse;  brighton pride 2009 chalkhills; wigout: get your heart on sirene flux.}


above:  perhaps a simple puff in a shade of nipple pink?  plus, remember gloves add a touch of class to any outfit.  (image via chateau thombeau.)


above:  my personal favorite -- a frothy face frock.  from every angle, it's the ultimate aphrodisiac!

best of luck, jenn!  oh, and if i haven't mentioned it today -- your hair looks magnificent.

stay pretty,


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dear WHORANGE: do you know ryan abegglen?



know this guy's work?  ryan abegglen.  thought you'd dig it.

hair : fabulous.



dearest DC,

I know him now.  thank you.

hair : transportive

- tj


mr. abeggien's artist bio:

"It's generally believed that I began speaking in complete sentences when I was only seven minutes old, immediately demonstrating a mastery of complex sentence structure and an affinity for whiskey, humility, and irony. Since that time I have become a skilled dinosaur jockey, traveled to the moon on several occasions and written a handful of self-help books. My work is largely cobbled together from a collection of cat fur, spit, twigs, pizza, hamster farts, and fever dreams. As always, my promise to you is that I'll try harder next time."

a true WHORANGE hero.

{more ryan abegglen here.}

dear WHORANGE: eames chair emergency!


dear whorange,

this will sound silly, but i am trying my hardest to get a miniature eames management chair to put in a box, for my boyfriend to open on christmas as a way to tell him he is getting the real thing, but in a few weeks.  you would not believe the nightmare i am having trying to locate one.
can you direct me to any place in the US, I can have fed ex'd overnight?


dearest emily,

your question is not silly.  indeed, this is a TRUE EMERGENCY.

question:  does it need to be an authentic vitra eames miniature?  if not, contact the fine folks at poketo ASAP.  i see they have the green eames chair in this collection for $12.00 and may have one available to ship to you overnight!  this is the same one that was graciously given to me by laura of if it's hip, it's here back in july.


send poketo an email here and see if they can do it.  i will also try to get hold of them personally for you.  i understand the importance -- i really do!  christmas just isn't christmas without eames.  here is the proof...


by the way, your boyfriend is one lucky guy!  not only will he look super handsome in the chair, so will his hair.

much love and luck to you.  please let me know if everything works out!

stay pretty & happy holidays!


questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

dear WHORANGE: hats off to the modern day dandy



a modern Blue Boy in orange -- this is the look I am wanting for my 2010 wardrobe.

screw these kids in their fedoras.  i want a real man’s hat - and maybe one for my little dog too.  but there is a problem.  where does one find a hat like this?  what is it even called?  wide, imposing and probably a little floppy, this is the showstopper of the ensemble and it is much needed.

this look is a little more vintage than mid-century but if anyone can source it it would be you.  where is a modern dandy to shop for haberdashery?

whoranging for hats,




darling laine,

i haven't a clue what this floppy head frock is called, but i have no doubt your hair will look fabulous beneath it.

similar hats can be found in shoppes such as forever 21 ($15.80) or american apparel ($40.00).  they are not "man hats," but if photographed from the proper angle, nobody will know the difference.  the brits also have hat offerings here and here.

speaking of brits, if you're open to acquiring your dandy-wear from across the pond, i've constructed 70% of the "Blue Boy in Orange" look for you.  your 2010 ensemble is near complete.

i assume you've mastered your posing.  remember -- smile with your eyes.


questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

dear WHORANGE: navigating the meat market



help! my boyfriend loves bacon and ribs and i am a tried and true vegetarian.  i want to cook him a nice red meat meal for his birthday, but i have no idea where to start or how to cook anything animal related.  any advice?


flagstaff, AZ



darling miss paula,


mr. bacon and sir steak have not crossed my lips for over 500 years.  however, i've found that if you cook anything with maple syrup, you're pretty much good to go.


in the meantime, i've selected a small sampling of craveable meats for you and your carnivorous man.  no cooking required!


stay pretty,
above left to right, top to bottom:  bacon alarm clock;  wishbone necklace (120.00);  cannibal kingdom napkins (12.00);  plush sweet meats melody (64.95);  bacon soap (5.95);  BLT candles (33.95); mark ryden and paul frank meat purse (occasionally on ebay);  bacon flavored toothpicks (4.95);  nice piece of meat card (5.00);  gorgeous hunk of meat card (5.00);  nicole gastongua cheeseburger (200.00);  nicole gastongua hot dog (80.00).

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

{flashback} DEAR WHORANGE: heavy metal parking lot couture craving

Mod girl whorange flashback wonderful20
{image via modern fred.}

darling readers:

in typical rockstar fashion, my computer lived life too close to the edge and crashed.  while it undergoes rehab, let's take a moment to reflect back on more innocent times -- a time when WHORANGE was only one-month old.

so, put on your spandex, turn up the 8-track, and let's get busy to our favorite rock ballad as we flashback to march 25, 2008...


dear whorange:

i need help. after reacquainting myself with the cinema verite masterpiece HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, i have realized that i must own this shirt. i need it like crack needs cocaine. i would say i need the entire ensemble, but let's not get crazy.

so miss whorange, where do i point my browser or direct my skinny legs to find myself something so desirable? i put you on the case.

yours in judas priest,

-- laine

Heavy metal parking lot rocker zebra pants

darling laine,

the need to emulate a screen idol is perfectly natural and highly encouraged at WHORANGE.  so, prepare to get your tailgating catwalk on, because i found the entire ensemble for you.


the shirt hails from a cheerleader & spirit gear shop and comes in prints of cheetah, tiger, white zebra, and pink zebra. order one size smaller for a snug fit.  cut with scissors.  take a shot beforehand for best results.  the leggings are american apparel.  the belt is slash n' burn.

and, if you enjoy these choices, may i also suggest for your home...


above clockwise from left:  venfield zebra chair (7250.00); dan yeffet hanging lights (3500.00);  neiman marcus edible handbag cake (235.00);  hand painted zebra martini glasses (70.00);  zebra devil duckie (8.50); caboots hair-on cowhide cowboy boots 560.00.

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE., your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

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