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dear WHORANGE: seeking a little pillow talk


dear whorange,

first of all, i love your hair that way. it must've taken hours to get all those cornrows in.

second of all, i got a fab new couch but it is rather neutral, and i find myself in need of some new pillows. i have round whorange chairs that go with my couch, and i need bright colors - clear pinks and light blues and fresh greens and acid yellows and yes, whoranges.

the problem is, my taste steers more towards goth than girlie, so i can't do flowery shit, and the bollywood stuff, while fab, is just not me. got any ideas for a gothy girl who needs a bit of punk rock pucci pillow action?

yours in craving,



dear darling coco,

put down your crimping iron and break open the cherry bon bons because a party is coming to your couch.  before you know it, your luscious locks will be flowing across pillowy clouds of pucci pinks, craveable citruses, gorgeous greens, and whorangable oranges.

enjoy.  and remember, pillow fights and home perming kits do not mix.

stay pretty,

Jonathan adler pillows
Triton and hable pillows

{above:  left to right:  large concentric squares yellow (178.00);  bargello flame (145.00);  large concentric squares navy (178.00);  felt morris pillow (140.00);  notNeutral triton throw pillow yellow/persimmon (80.00);  notNeutral triton throw pillow white/persimmon (80.00);  hable clementine bead canvas (95.00);  thomas paul spiro orange silk twill pillow (70.00).

Hable jonathan adler etc pillow  
Ferm living notneutral pillows 

{above left to right:  hable green beans pillow (130.00);  etc. pillow (165.00);  apple silk pillow (110.00);  pine silk pillow (110.00);  notneutral apple pillow (50.00);  nook kaleidoscope silk pillow (64.00);  unison track roll pillow  yellow, aqua (55.00).

Pucci style pillows pink

Jonathan adler hugs drugs pillow

{above from left to right:  pucci-esque silk pillows (250.00);  plush living nook planet silk pillow (64.00); plush living nook split silk pillow (64.00);   hable fushchia rope canvas pillow (130.00);  print fresh applique pillows (14.99);  hugs pillow (165.00);  drugs pillow (165.00).

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

whorange spotting in france with photographer daniel scharfman


with honors, i share with you a letter and photograph from friend of WHORANGE, new york-based photographer daniel scharfman:

"Hi Tula,

when I saw this lying in the street of the old quarter of Annecy in France last month, I thought of WHORANGE.  Such style!  Not only is Annecy on one of the beautiful French lakes in the Haute Savoie...but they also have an antique flea market on the last Sunday of the month.  And pastry
to die for.

I meant to send on your birthday.  Happy belated!

And of course, your hair looks great today.

xxx Daniel"

dear WHORANGE: making butterfly mcqueen



can i ever look like this?



dear darling anonymous,

yes, you can!  in fact, you can look like this today, tomorrow, or any day in between.  your body is already smashing (at WHORANGE, we love them all), so the primary focus is the butterfly bonnet.

keep in mind, this bonnet was constructed by alexander mcqueen, but rest assured, we can cobble one together for much cheaper.  just keep your mind open and your expectations low.

okay, pour yourself a cocktail and let's boogie.


1. glue a hollowed out styrofoam ball half (big enough for the crown of your head) to the inside of a flowery swimming cap.

2. hot glue butterflies to floral wire (i prefer 32 gauge), or purchase preaffixed butterflies, which are available at most craft stores.

3. using a wide sewing needle, poke holes in swimming cap.  poke butterfly wire ends through cap and styrofoam.

4. bend end of wires so they are flush with the underside of styrofoam.

5.  once you've poked all of the butterflies through, duct tape wires to the underside of styrofoam to cover wires. glue a piece of fabric on top of the duct tape (optional).

6. apply lip plumper, eye shimmer pigment in old gold, photo finish lipstick in lavish, black liquid liner in angel heart, and false lashes.

7. strip naked.

8. press tape across your chest and pose accordingly.

(questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE., your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply).

DEAR WHORANGE: camp counseling

(image via sunset flame).


i'm going camping along the oregon coast next weekend and have no idea what to do.  didn't you recently go camping?  i don't recall seeing any pictures or hearing a follow-up report.  is that a bad sign?

i need your guidance and wisdom.

oh, and your hair looks fantastic today!

portland, OR

darling CJ,

i didn't share my pictures because they were completely uncraveable.  imagine woodstock without the rose-colored lenses of LSD -- lots of dirt, dancing, trail mix, experimental music, and guitar playing. 

since my pedicure held up to the elements better than i did, i may be slightly unqualified to give you camping advice -- and by slightly unqualified, i mean completely unqualified. 

however, i will not leave you empty handed, because at WHORANGE, it's all about you.  below are tools i believe may help you.

journey bravely into the wilderness, my friend.

stay pretty,


above:  a handy camping guide (15.00) written by bust magazine contributor heather menicucci with illustrations by the fabulous susie ghahremani.


above:  woodgrain pillows (39.00 each) to rest your shower-yearning head upon.  the log shape will maintain an outdoor feel while providing much deserved comfort.


above:  a set of four glass dessert plates with camping motif (60.00).   when you haven't showered in days, it's scientifically proven that pretty yet impractical glass plates are a welcome sight.  i am not sure what the top right image is, though.  i can only assume it's very important and designed to enhance your camping pleasure.

(questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE., your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply).

DEAR WHORANGE: twin bedding turmoil



i don't know if kids are your thing, but i have two (age 2 and 3), and they are graduating to their own twin beds.  therefore, i'm whoranging for some cool kid sheets and duvets.  i'm not big into the baseball or teddy bear thing nor am i down with disney or commercial-type characters.  is there hope?

by the way,  your hair looks amazingly stunning today.

lady peacock

darling lady peacock,

kids are totally my thing.  not because i have them, but because i used to be one.

at age four, i whoranged after an autumn rainbow bedspread and my mother was kind enough to indulge me.  if they still sold the style, i'd recommend it.  but, since they don't, i've dug up some equally groovy threads for your little ones beds.




clockwise from top left: "lions, tiger & kitties...oh my!" twin bedding by pixel organics (290.00); "supercharged" fitted and flat sheets (98.00 each) and pillow (36.00) by pixel organicsdwellstudio gio in lemon or gio in aqua (33.00-198.00); boodalee circus bedding (110.00-130.00).


clockwise from top left:   boodalee space bedding (110.00-160.00); pottery barn kids robot sheeting (14.00-99.00);  boodalee teal world bedding (110.00-160.00); kukunest "around the world" bedding (105.00);  kukunest lantern festival (125.00);  boodalee tree pillow (42.00);  boodalee city pillow (42.00);  kukunest sub adventure bedding (105.00);   kukunest intergalactic bedding (125.00).

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

DEAR WHORANGE: where to go for wallpaper

(above: nama rococo sixty-eight wallpaper in mellow orange)

dear whorange,

after teasing me with the expedit I-CANDY retro makeover, i need wallpaper suggestions.  until then, my ikea will be naked.  how will it ever make the pages of martha stewart magazine?

by the way, your hair looks fantastic today.

june bug jim

darling june bug,

keeping your ikea properly attired and camera-ready is the first step toward effective stage-parenting, recognition, and potential fame.  WHORANGE is here to help.

below are a few of my favorites for your furniture's consideration.

stay pretty,



clockwise from top left:  family tree; feather; leaves; bindweed; waldots; orchid.  all from ferm living.


clockwise from top left:  navajo;  blackbird;  palm;  calvary.  all from cavern.

clockwise from top left:  aster space in chocolate mint;  flower petal in smores;  luxury in turquoise;  terminal in grasshopper;  kabloom in artichoke;  sakura in santa fe.  all from flavor paper.

MORE wallpaper including ECO-FRIENDLY and SCRATCH & SNIFF versions after the JUMP.

DEAR WHORANGE: desperately seeking swivel chair

(image:  ray  & charles eames at home w/ swivel lounge chair, circa 1958)

dear miss whorange,

i need to swivel. in my living room i am needing a lounge chair, one to turn left and talk to my friends on the sofa and also right to watch a movie. although i would love to buy a classic eames lounge chair in walnut and white leather, the $3599 price tag is out of my range. what will allow me to sit and spin in style for under $600?

love always,

ps - your hair shines like a raven's feathers and flows as gracefully around your face.

darling laine,

much like a cadillac revolving upon an auto show platform, it's important to showcase your features from every breathtaking angle.  a swivel chair allows you to do just that.

below are some stylish spinners that won't get your piggy bank in a twist.  most come with various color options, so peruse all of the palettes.  and practice your posing, sweet pea, because soon you'll be sitting pretty.


above left: vintage mid-century swivel rocker (485.00); top right:  bop chair (488.00);  velo chair (698.00).


clockwise from top left:  tulip chair (375.00);  skruvsta red (149.00);  karlstad orange (329.00);  sasson pod chair (291.00);  focus chair (498.00);  sly swivel chair (525.00).


clockwise from top left:  turip chair (299.00);  black pod chair (203.00);  andromeda swivel chair (570.00);  skruvsta multicolor (139.00); simone swivel chair (475.00); modernica arm shell rolling base chair (399.00).

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

DEAR WHORANGE: heavy metal parking lot couture craving



dear whorange:

i need help. after reacquainting myself with the cinema verite masterpiece HEAVY METAL PARKING LOT, i have realized that i must own this shirt. i need it like crack needs cocaine. i would say i need the entire ensemble, but let's not get crazy. so miss whorange, where do i point my browser or direct my skinny legs to find myself something so desirable? i put you on the case.

yours in judas priest,

-- laine


darling laine,

the need to emulate a screen idol is perfectly natural and highly encouraged at WHORANGE.  so, prepare to get your tailgating catwalk on, because i found the entire ensemble for you.


the shirt hails from a cheerleader & spirit gear shop and comes in prints of cheetah, tiger, white zebra, and pink zebra. order one size smaller for a snug fit.  cut with scissors.  drink beforehand for best results.  the leggings are american apparel.  the belt is slash n' burn.

and, if you enjoy these choices, may i also suggest for your home...


above clockwise from left:  venfield zebra chair (7250.00); dan yeffet hanging lights (3500.00);  neiman marcus edible handbag cake (235.00);  hand painted zebra martini glasses (70.00);  zebra devil duckie (8.50); caboots hair-on cowhide cowboy boots 560.00.

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at [email protected].  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE., your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

DEAR WHORANGE: white handbag for spring dilemma


(image via planetfabulon.com)

Dear Whorange,

I am in need of some whorange advice. I need a small white casual handbag for spring - not a gigantic tote or shiny plastic-buckled-tasseled monstrosity. However, I don't want to spend $100, nor do I want to shop Target. Any ideas where to find something cute, hipster, non-shiny and perhaps crafty/design-ey?

-- Coco

darling miss coco,

who doesn't want an affordable and small white handbag to match her favorite hot pants?   i've found some vintage, handmade, modern, and spring casual options for you.  don't forget to peek at the second page to view all of the bags.

also, if you ever choose to go plastic or up the budget, there are some fab recycled sailboat sail purses and ashley watson makes kick ass recycled bags from thrift store leather jackets, but let's start off with your needs and cravings.   because at WHORANGE. it's all about you.


clockwise from top left:  handmade recycled leather purse with scenic lining (55.00); leather purse w/ hand printed tree silhouette (18.00); flatiron leather lady clutch (110.00); iridescent cream lucite handle purse (55.00); vintage purse w/ appliqué (26.00); vintage leather satchel w/ hand printed trees (30.00).

MORE small white purses after the jump...

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