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Ferragamo Rainbow 2 Platforms

if you follow me on instagram, you know platform sandals happen on me for a reason. my goals are high, darlings. my goals are high.

{rainbow 2 platform sandal available for a billion dollars at ferragamo.}

lounging around with verner panton...

Verner Panton lounging two level seat

Verner Panton Visiona

Verner Panton Visiona 70s organic interior home furnishings

Verner Panton Visiona 2

...because verner would want you to.

{top image: panton's "two-level seat"; bottom three images: furnishings from panton's visiona and visiona 2 organic and psychedelic home showcase. }

room with a view
Textiles cushions and throws

when i wake up in the morning, it looks absolutely nothing like this.

{cushions and throws and a cup of joe via bohemian homes and valley blahg.}
a mighty fine palm springs pad

Architect Thomas Morbitzer palm Springs house exterior pond

William Cody mid-century Palm Spring house 1960s

William Cody mid-century Palm Spring bathroom 1960s dining room designer Darren Brown

William Cody mid-century Palm Spring bathroom 1960s green chairs designer Darren Brown

Pedro Friedeberg hand chair mid century house designer Darren Brown

William Cody mid-century Palm Spring bedroom 1960s style

William Cody mid-century Palm Spring bathroom 1960s style designer Darren Brown

this 1962 william cody palm springs pad was recently restored and re-loved by an owner who yearned to bring it back to its original and swell '60s style.

with the talents of architect thomas morbitzer and designer darren brown, the mid-century home was made pretty as a picture down to the pedro friedeberg hand chair, sputnik pendant lamps, and brass cube lav sets.

all that's missing is a cocktail cart, me, and you.

{via dpages.}

doggie domiciles: architecture for dogs

Papier Papillon by Shigeru Ban for a Papillon in Architecture for Dogs

japanese graphic designer, kenya hara, collaborated with a handful of acclaimed artists and designers to create architecturally awesome doghouses and structures. each design was specifically customized to particular a pooch's size, shape, and temperament.

the result - 13 stylish canine spaces. but, that's not all...each creation comes with a DIY, downloadable blueprint! yes, you can build your doggie their own architectural pad!

from ribboned cardboard sculptures to pug plywood mountains, our loyal four-legged friends definitely deserve a little structural swank.

Pointed T by NDC Haruka Misawa for a Japanese Terrier in Architecture for Dogs

{above: 'pointed T'  by hara design institute for a japanese terrier.}

Mount Pug by Kengo Kuma in Architecture for Dogs

{above: mount pug by kengo kuma.}

Mobile Home for Shiba by Toyo Ito in Architecture for Dogs

{above: mobile home for shiba by toyo ito.}

Chihuahua white cloud by Reiser and Umemoto in Architecture for Dogs

Chihuahua cloud by Reiser and Umemoto in Architecture for Dogs

{above: chihuahua cloud by reiser + umemoto.}

Kenya Hara dog ramps Architecture for Dogs

{above: for long-bodied, short-legged dogs by atelier bowwow.}

see all 13 structures (including videos of the dogs interacting with the designs) at architecturefordogs.com

{top image: papier papillon by shigeru ban for a papillon.}

office space: surfacing


Cado mid century wall shelving

Petra Bindel Scandinavian interior decor photography

Industrial vintage modern office desk

sometimes all you need is a swell surface to set your laptop.

(images from top to bottom: a unique beijing loft via sf girl by bay; cado shelving wall unit; work table and an abacus photography by petra bindel via the design chaser; vintage desk and black & whites via modern findings}

Turn IKEA into I-CANDY: rainbow bookshelf

Elia Maurizi and Francesco Pepa ikea hack book shelf colored brackets

Elia Maurizi and Francesco Pepa ikea hack bookcase colored brackets

IKEA hacking. it happens and we love every moment of it. let's celebrate the miracle of turning IKEA into I-CANDY by admiring this splendid bookshelf hack by elia maurizi and francesco pepa.

using six pieces of the EKBY TRYGGVE solid wood shelf ($6.99 each), ten EKBY TÖRE brackets ($5.00 each), and some paint, they crafted this colorful, practical, and super purty shelving unit.

Ikea hack EKBY TRYGGVE and EKBY TORE book shelf latex pain

learn more about the transformation here!

{via apartment therapy.}

smeg spotting

Pink Smeg refrigerator

Yellow Smeg refrigerator modern kitchen

White Smeg refrigerator Ace Hotel

White Smeg refrigerator small kitchen

White Smeg refrigerator rustic kitchen

Orange Smeg refrigerator kitchen

White Smeg refrigerator wall and deco

Red Smeg refrigerator

smeg spotting - one of my favorite past times.

{images: pink smeg; yellow smeg; smeg at the ace hotel; white smeg; smeg and rustic; orange smeg; white smegred smeg.}

{smeg refrigerators available at west elm.}

a mighty fine office space

Ty Mattson Southern California office graphic design gallery wall

Ty Mattson Southern California office Molded Plastic Dowel Leg Eames Chairs

Ty Mattson snd cyn office target practice art

Ty Mattson Southern California office arrow coat rack

Ty Mattson Irvine California office wall bookshelf

Ty Mattson Southern California Eames wooden blocks

Ty Mattson snd cyn office wall bookshelf

Ty Mattson snd cyn office globe pendant lamp

Ty Mattson snd cyn office reclamed wood coffee table

Ty Mattson snd cyn office edison bulb ceiling pendant lamp cluster

Ty Mattson Southern California office exterior

in 1895, this building was used to process lima beans.

now, it houses the collective team of graphic artist ty mattson.

oh, how times have changed.

{more images and info at mattsoncreative.com} {via blood & champagne}

alexander the great: girard and the miller house

Dan Kiley Miller house architecture cherry blossom trees

kittens, it's that time of the month again...time for WHORANGE'S monthly pad.

today's pad comes to us from columbus, indiana, and is one of the most playful and purdiest around - the miller house. completed in 1957 for industrialist and philanthropist j. irwin miller, the building was designed by the one-and-only eero saarinen. yes, saarinen! and there is an illuminated tulip table to prove it!

alexander girard designed the interiors (and stayed on as the interior designer for 15 years) and dan kiley crafted the landscape architecture.

what could go wrong, right? the answer is nothing. nothing went wrong (at least visually).

behold the work of a mid-century dream team, darlings...

Alexander Girard Miller house front gate detail photography Leslie Williamson

{above exterior: alexander girard's painted iron gate.}

Alexander Girard Miller house sunken sitting area Leslie Williamson

{above living room: many of the home's rugs and textiles were custom designed by girard in shades of reds for winter and pastels for spring.}

Alexander Girard Miller house sunken living room sofa Leslie Williamson

{above living room: a sunken sofa sectional with stairs. perfect for a sleep overs, salons, or love-ins.}

Alexander Girard Miller house cylindrical fireplace living room photography Leslie Williamson

{above living room: two words - cylindrical fireplace.}

Alexander Girard Miller house light up Saarinen marble and terrazzo table Leslie Williamson

{above dining room: an illuminated, saarinen, marble top, tulip table and chairs. yes...illuminated!}

Alexander Girard Miller house Saarinen marble and terrazzo table

{above dining room: girard rud and needlepoint chairs.}

Alexander Girard Miller house office photography Leslie Williamson

{above: a playroom turned office.}

Alexander Girard Miller house master closet stool and mirror

{above: wife xenia's closet features a custom stool upholstered in girard’s mogul 081 fabric.}

Alexander Girard Miller house mosaic tile wall Leslie Williamson photography

{above kitchen: a blue mosiac tile wonderland.}

Alexander Girard Miller house curtain fabric photography Leslie Williamson

Alexander Girard Miller house fabric story

{above: girard's master textile plan.}

Alexander Girard Miller house eero saarinen tulip chairs photography Leslie Williamson

did i mentioned the miller home is open for tours and coveting? get your passport and binoculars ready. read all about it here

{photography by leslie williamson for dwell; via the north elevation and des chaises en couleur.}

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