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candy stash

Letterpress Camera Box

Letterpress Ax Candy Container

conceal your sweet somethings in these clever containers and keep valentine's day going year round.

{letterpressed camera and ax candy containers by d-sharp available at poppytalk.}

get lit: allied maker

Allied maker black walnut mini dart table lamp

Allied maker voyager lamp

Allied maker brass half dome lamp

Allied maker wood sconce wood socket

Allied maker multi bulb floor lamp

ladies and gentlemen, i present to you hand-crafted, bespoke lighting, forged from the hands of woodwork artist ryden rizzo.

yes, his name is ryden rizzo and that's all you need to know.

oh, yes, and his lighting fixtures are gorgeous, too.

visit allied maker to shop ryden's wares.

holiday tree wardrobe

Ron Megee is Joan Crawford in A Very Joan Crawford Christmas by Jeff Church

darlings, it's that time of the year again! it's the time when trees across the land are fitted with accessories, bulbs, and baubles.

but, alas, "what to wear?" asks your naked tree.

may i suggest a little dino felt, embrodiered bunny, and narwhal metallic? just a thought!

Felt handmade embroidered christmas holiday tree ornaments

{above: 1. t-rex ornament; 2. felt mistletoe; 3. coral and tusk bunny in a sweater ornament; 4. glittered geometry garland; 5. multicolored felt garland; 6. narwhal ornament; 7. fox fellow ornament set; 8. roost enchanted mushroom ornaments; 9. multicolor pompom garlands; 10. curious hedgehog ornament; 11. handmade killer whale ornaments set of 4.}

{top image: ron megee as joan crawford in "a very joan crawford christmas" by jeff church and ron megee.}

unicorn wisdom

Hell Yeah unicorns by JAMBONBON

dream it. live it.

{hell yeah unicorns print by jambonbon.}

i spy a cardboard camera

Cardboard video camera Filez Doux etsy

Cardboard video camera 004 Filez Doux etsy

Cardboard video camera 005 Filez Doux etsy

Cardboard video camera Filez Doux Sylvain and Helene

meet sylvain and helene. they make decorative surveillance cameras out of found cardboard.

they live in france and i dig 'em.

purchase one of their cardboard camera creations at their etsy shop.

{via junk culture.}

cat nip: meow meow tweet soap





i confess, i have not quite mastered bar soap. it always dissolves in a little puddle of water in my shower or crumbles into bits in my bathtub.

however, i love the stuff. especially when it comes wrapped up in a dashing package. two cats riding tandem on a bike? sign me up! big foot walking a raccoon? give me a dozen! sure, the soap will soon be sacrificed in my shower and consumed by a loofah, but until then, it can live a happy life on my display shelf. 

meow mewo tweet bar soap available here and at rare device.

{top to bottom: beer shampoo bar soap; rosemary lime bar soap; grapefruit mint bar soapcitronella fir bar soap.}

springtime feast

A beaver happy to see his dinner by Matte Stephens

Matte Stephens Glazed Ham gouache painting

whether your palette craves tasty logs or smoked ham, i hope you have a tasty day!

{happy beaver print and glazed ham painting by the one and only matte stephens.}

i'd hit that: piñatas

Six Sided Diamond silver metallic pinata

Small Pentagon pastel pink Pinata

Silver grey Triangle Pendant pinata

hand me a bat and i will unabashedly take a swift swing at a piñata for a bucket of candy.

however, if the piñata looks like a sparkling diamond, i may opt for hanging it from my office ceiling (until my cravings for candy gets too maddening, of course).

{see more piñata designs at prospect goods' etsy shoppe.} {via srslyliz.}

crocheted tools

Mini mechanic crochet power drill

Mini mechanic crochet chainsaw

it's monday, darlings. prepare accordingly.

{crochet chainsaw and drill available at lark.} {via frankie.}

birds of a feather camp together

Vintage Camper Birdhouse

Vintage Camper Birdhouse with wings

because even your fine feathered friends deserve a groovy pad.

{vintage camper birdhouses by strictly for the birds. available at jumahl's etsy shoppe.} {via frankie.}

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