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to DIY for: holiday sputnik mobile



instead of clipping photos to this satellite picture mobile, the fella behind old brand new cleverly clipped on some some shiny, round ornaments and transformed it into a sputnik mobile.

so ballsy.  so brilliant.

learn how he did it here.

{via happy mundane.}

to DIY for: charley harper gift tags & ornaments




DIY charley harper gift tags & ornaments.

make them and be worshipped by friends, family, and enemies.

{learn how to from the fabulous ez of creature comforts.}

WHORANGE halloween: tricking out a candy apple treat


kittens, with candy and costumes just around the corner, here is a quick and deliciously dark twist on the candy apple:  use natural twigs in place of sticks and blend a bit of ebony food coloring into the candy coating brew.

the result:  sweet treats that match the color of your soul -- black.

{via the dashing warlocks of man made DIY.}

wall bangers: paint chips and pixels





color whores rejoice.

{from top to bottom: guy's affordable wall art idea;  paint chip wall by chris of man madeamirko’s‘change-it’wall design concept;  scott prendergast's paint chip wall via design sponge.}

to DIY for: mid-century styled wireless audio system


whether you're fondling your latest itunes playlist or setting the mood in your basement discotheque, your audio system is a fundamental component to your listening pleasure.  however, did you know you can craft a system that not only sounds groovy, but looks groovy, too?

thanks to a tutorial featured on unpluggd by of blue ant's joel pirela, you can!  joel offers instructions on how to make these fabulous speakers inspired by the audio designs of dieter rams and charles eames.


to top it off, joel's DIY system utilizes a wireless streaming audio technology that can be controlled with an iphone.  pretty much, you can stream music wherever you have an AC outlet.  portable, practical, and pretty as a pony.

click here for the full tutorial.

Mid-century-speakers_DIY_Wireless_Audio_ System

Speakers_DIY_Dieter_Rams Inspired_Wireless_Audio_ System

Mid-century-speakers_DIY_Wireless_Audio_ System_veneer

Speakers_DIY_Dieter_Rams Inspired_Wireless_Audio_ System_veneer

{via the magnificent man blog - man made.}

lamp tastic: atomic indy's DIY tv transformation


okay, kittens, it's time to worship at the altar of mcm baz of atomic indy...again.  the chairman of mid-century modern created a mod-tastic accent lamp to truly DIY for.

taking a 1972 Sony TV-750 (that baz picked up fo' free at a sidewalk sale), our blogging brother extracted the TV innards and began transforming the broken boob tube into a spectacular showcase piece.



next, he installed a light fixture and slipped an iconic julius shulman stahl house photo inside of the glare screen.



and the photo is interchangeable!  imagine the possibilities.  imagine the parties.  live the dream, darlings!


learn how to repurpose, reuse, and reworship the long forgotten, dial-turning TV.  make it mod and make it mad.  atomic indy will show you how here.

thank you, baz!  xoxo

TO DIY FOR: mid-century clock magnet sets by how about orange




until the day comes when i can purchase this clock, i will drown my sorrows in beer and use the bottle caps to make these fabulous mid-century clock magnets.

step-by-step, DIY instructions and graphic downloads courtesy of the always talented how about orange.

cheers, kittens.

george nelson platform bench made of legos



maybe not the most sturdy table, but as we all know...sometimes pretty trumps practical.

{more lego love at humble ablog via casa sugar.}

he's crafty: MR. WHORANGE'S DIY valentine's day flowers


kittens, i'm one lucky gal.  not only is my man super foxy...he's crafty, too. 

every valentine's day, we traditionally forgo reservations and gifts and instead make dinner and cards for each other.  however, little did i know my fellow was a master folder until i witnessed this...


this year, steve's card came in the form of orange origami lilies.  xoxo!  and since they're paper, i can keep them forever and ever and ever and ever.



thank you, steve!  not only are these flowers lovely, but they make your hair look fabulous.

love you!!

{psst -- steve learned how to make his paper posies here.}

down with love: downloadable subversive valentines by andrea d'aquino



one of my fave artists, andrea d'aquino, just sent me a delicious set of subversive valentines, and i must say -- i'm in love.

best news is, you can send them to your special someone, too!  yep, miss andrea has lovingly made her valentines downloadable for all to enjoy.  decorate your desktops, send them out as VD emails, or print them.  simply visit her flickr site here and click on "all sizes" to get the largest image.

and, of course, all of andrea's work is also available as high quality prints for your year-round amour enjoyment.  visit her store here.

happy valentine's day!

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