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Mothers of Mad Men

with mother's day just around the corner, i thought i'd shine a spotlight on a trio of moms who work tirelessly hard to achieve their dreams while navigating the complex social and political changes of the 1960s.

fuel up your lighters, kittens. mama wants a cigarette and a glass of OJ -- heavy on the vodka.

we are gifting the mothers of mad men.

Gifting Betty Draper Francis

we have BETTY DRAPER FRANCIS - former model, divorcee, mother of three, grace kelly look-a-like, chain smoking hair hopperlitter bug, and suburban ice princess. she once punished her son for trading her sandwich for a bag of gumdrops and sees her daughter as the mini-me thorn in her side.

nonetheless, mama betty will most definitely expect a swell gift this mother's day. best break open your piggy banks now, sally, bobby, and baby gene.

Betty Draper Francis smoking picnic with Bobby Mad Men

Betty Draper Francis smoking picnic Mad Men

Betty Draper Francis Francine lunch Mad Men

Betty and Sally Draper smoking in car

Mad Men Sally and Betty sleeping

  Betty Draper Francis Mad Men Mothers Day Gift guide 2014

above: 1). gorham cocktail jigger 20th century; 2). keychain to the mansion; 3). love sandwich recipe book; 4). picnic egg caddy; 5). smoke & kisses bobbi set; 6). the row cat-eye acetate and leather sunglasses; 7). bow-embellished metallic lace pumps; 8). "embrace reality, even if it burns you" catchall; 9). compostable plates, bowls & trays.

Gifting Joan Harris Mothers Day

next up is JOAN HARRIS -- whip smart secretary turned ambitious executive who struggles to prove her mind is just as powerful as her bombshell bod. 

separated from her much-loathed husband, she's a single mom in the late '60s, raising a son whose biological father is one of the founding partners of her firm.

joan is a WHORANGE hero and has been lovingly gifted in the past.

Christina Hendricks as Joan Mad Men Season 7

Joan Holloway Harris rose dress Bert Cooper Mad Men

Mad Men Joan Harris green dress

Joan Bob Benson and Roger Sterling triangle copy

Mad Men Joan Roger and Baby Kevin

Joan Holloway Harris Mad Men Mothers Day Gift guide 2014


above: 1). ruffian x izola lady 3 oz. flask; 2). art of war by sun tzu; 3). tiger necklace by kenzo; 4). onward & upward water bottle; 5). art deco set of four tumblers by dorothy thorpe; 6). anna-karin karlsson rose rouge cat eye acetate sunglasses; 7). back me up mobile charger; 8. thea leather chelsea boots; 9). vestige lipstick holder; 10). brass pencil sharpener; 11). rosa iphone case.

Peggy Olson office smoking Mad Men

 "what?" you say, "PEGGY OLSON is a mother?"

why, yes! if we reach back into the archives of season 1 and 2, we are reminded that secretary-turned-copy-chief-badass, peggy, was indeed impregnated by her married colleague, pete. their illegitimate son is (supposedly) being raised by peggy's mother or sister.

a strange storyline that seems to have been relegated to the circular file.

can we petition AMC for closure? perhaps a mother's day gift guide to help ignite momentum?

fingers crossed. here we go...

Peggy Olsen Mad Men airport enamel flower brooch

Peggy Olsen knit beret office Mad Men

Peggy Olsen and Ted Mad Men

Peggy Olsen office Mad Men

Peggy Olson office flowers Mad Men copy

Peggy Olson red plaid

Pete Campbell and Peggy Olson sofa

Peggy Olsen Mad Men Mothers Day Gift guides 2014

 above: 1). may you never shot glass set; 2). scarf in mustard dots; 3). white knit beret; 4). gold tone knot earrings; 5). thomaspaul tablet/ iPad case; 6). chemex coffee maker; 7). vintage yellow and white enamel flower brooch; 8). crinkle bag vase; 9). clare vivier foldover clutch; 10). villa flats; 11). switch bluetooth speaker conference call speaker; 12). city clips - new york page markers.

happy mother's day to all of the mamas around the world! xoxo

a mondrian john

Mosaic Mondrian-inspired bathroom

kittens, lately, i've been knee deep in bathroom tiles, bathroom faucets, and stone flooring options. designing a client's home from the ground up forces you to learn more about grout colors and stair treads than you probably care to know.

last night, i actually dreamt about unpolished brass knobs and pulls. they looked like this. i woke up not knowing whether to cry or log onto pinterest to find a kindred spirit.

one day, i hope to design a mondrian-inspired bathroom like the photo above. isn't it keen? i love small mosaic tile. and red, white and blue is one of my favorite color combos. however, i would probably select a bathtub faucet with a less game of thrones dragon profile -- but maybe not!

in the meantime, i guess i will just keep dreaming of ogee sticking, gimp braids, and flying ribs. all terms that sound like S&M, but really just refer to cabinets, beams, and upholstery detail. put away your latex catsuits, darlings (at least for now).

{image via bright.bizarre.}

pinkys up

i've been pinning a lot of pink lately. perhaps it has something to do with spring. or perhaps it's because i think pink foam rollers are the best invention since the wheel. either way, pink is guaranteed to put a spring in your step and a bounce in your hair.

let's get blushing...

Pineapples and a bar cart

 above: glitter guide

Pink vintage decor and hair drying lamp

 above:  dominique pruitt

Pink desk accessories

 above: present and correct

Pink cat hair rollers

 above: ffffound

Pink maraschino cherries

 above: ban.do

Sequined candy apple

above: charlotte audrey owen-meehan

mad men season 7 - brace yourself

Mad Men poster key art by icon Milton Glaser

while cruising down beverly boulevard yesterday, i nearly crashed my car when i saw this glorious MAD MEN SEASON 7 MURAL tumbling across the wall of the sofitel hotel.

the artist behind the technicolor, art nouveau masterpiece is iconic '60s artist milton glaser (age 84!). mad men's creator, matthew weiner, sought out glaser as his dream key art illustrator for the show's final season, and luckily for all of us, glaser agreed.

similar to enlisting the art of brian sanders for season 6, weiner truly celebrates and honors the master artists of the mid-century. the result is nostalgic, sophisticated, and exuberantly authentic. thank you, matthew!

but wait -- there's more...

AMC released mad men's season 7 character photos, and darlings, it is head-to-toe perfection.

from peggy's enamel daisy pin to gentlemen sporting various shades of mustard, i'm happily drunk in a sea of fringe and polyester. bring on 1969 and bring it on forever!

costumes by janie bryant. photography by frank ockenfels. enjoy!

Don and Megan Draper TWA airport Mad Men Season 7

Christina Hendricks as Joan Mad Men Season 7

Megan and Don Draper 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Roger Sterling and Don Draper airplane Mad Men season 7

Roger Sterling TWA Mad Men season 7

Bert Cooper and Roger Sterling 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Peggy Olsen on the airplane with boys Mad Men season 7 photographer Frank Ockenfels

Harry Crane Stan Ken and Ginsberg Mad Men season 7

Peggy Olsen and Pete Campbell 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Betty and Henry Francis and Sally Draper

Joan and Betty 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Jim Cutler and Ted Chaough Mad Men season 7 photographer Frank Ockenfels

Peggy Olsen and Don Draper 1969 Mad Men Season 7

Don Draper TWA airplane Mad Men Season 7

{to see the entire gallery, click on over to AMC. remember, the season premiere is april 13th!}

every best actress oscar dress worn since 1929

MediaRun digital illustration Best Actress Oscar dress worn since 1929

hold onto your hair rollers, because tomorrow is the big night, kittens!

the gowns! the glamour! the betting pools (humble brag: i've won over $600 over the past 10 years).

thanks to london-based digitalrun media, we have this truly fabulous illustration bible, which chronicles the gowns worn by oscar winning actresses since 1929. some are iconic, some are infamous. study and commit to memory, darlings. there will be a test.

a few of my faves below. stay glamours, my friends:

Audrey Hepburn Oscar gown givenchy for Roman Holiday

above: bow down! audrey hepburn in givenchy. best actress: roman holiday, 1954. always and forever the queen.

Oscar gown Bette Davis 1939 for Jezebel

above: bette davis works it out in tulle and gossamer "feathers" for her 1939 oscar win for jezebel.

Vivien leigh oscar 1940 gown with the wind

above: the lovely vivien leigh poses with her oscar and dessert plate (two of my favorite things) for her gone with the wind win, circa 1940. (side note: how come red carpet ladies don't wear gown with prints more often?)

Grace Kelly oscar gown by Edith Head the Country Girl 1955

above: perfection - grace kelly in a gown by iconic costume designer edith head. film: the country girl, circa 1955.

Elizabeth Taylor and Eddie Fisher Oscar gown Butterfield 8

above: in 1961, elizabeth taylor wins for butterfield 8. liz wears an ivory silk, embroidered ball gown, waist rose (and sash!), and see-through high neck yellow top. i would totally wear this. and my hair would look fabulous.

Gwyneth paltrow pink Ralph Lauren Oscar gown

above: gwyneth paltrow wins in pink for shakespeare in love. gown by ralph lauren. an iconic dress is born, circa 1999.

Marion cotillard oscar gown by Jean Paul Gaultier

Marion cotillard oscar gown by Jean Paul Gaultier 2008

above: quite possibly my favorite gown in the history of gowns. marion cotillard in jean paul gaultier neptune's muse dress (not the official name -- that's what i call it. jean paul, you're welcome to use it.), circa 2008.

i die.

whoranging at the parker palm springs


darlings, if you need a winter getaway, palm springs is the place to be.

it's winter warm, winter mellow, and a winter sunshine wonderland.

one or our favorite spots is the parker hotel. the jonathan adler designed destination is a welcoming stomping ground with its lush grounds, experimental croquet, suspended egg chairs, poolside lounging, and groovy details around every corner.

and, the bedside reading is judith krantz's scruples (just to set the mood). need i say more?

The Parker Lobby Jonathan Adler

The Parker Hotel vintage colored glass vase collection

Parker Hotel french mime clown reception desk Palm Springs

The Parker Hotel Jonathan Adler lounge

Parker Hotel Drugs sign Palm Springs

Mister Parker French restaurant Palm Springs

Orange door Parker Palm Springs hotel

Parker Hotel orange door Whorange leap

The Parker Hotel room Palm Springs

Scruples book bedside reading Parker Palm Springs

Breakfast at the Parker Hotel Palm Springs

The Parker Hotel circular fireplace lounge

The Parker Palm Springs The Nanna Ditzel chair in the Parker Palm wicker egg suspended chair

The Parker Palm Springs Nanna Ditzel chair in the Parker Palm

The Parker Hotel butterfly lounge Palm Springs

The Parker Palm Springs walking path

Croquet field Parker Palm Springs

Croquet balls Parker Palm Springs

The Parker Croquet

Croquet throne Parker Hotel Palm Springs

The Parker Hotel hammock

Chess board Parker Palm Springs

The Parker Hotel Palm Springs Giant Chess Board

The Parker Hotel lemonade stand

Parker Hotel lemonade stand bar

The Parker Hotel swimming pool

if it looks like we had the hotel to ourselves, we practically did. i'm telling you -- winter in palm springs is the best.

game of thrones

Arne Jacobsen orange and white dining suite 1968

i will battle you for it.

just remember, when you play the game of thrones, you win or die (but, here at WHORANGE, you die fabulously.)

{arne jacobsen dining suite.} {via sophie's choice.}

supervillain estate for sale!

Joshua Tree supervillain house by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

kittens and poodles, dig into your pocket book and fish out 3 million bills for this 4,643 square foot supervillain lair organic modern estate. imagine the possibilities!

composed of concrete, glass, steel, and copper, this 1980s pad resides in majestic joshua tree. it boasts organic shaped interiors, sweeping views, and a rooftop that resembles a ribcage.

Joshua Tree supervillain house ribcage roof

Joshua Tree supervillain house exterior by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house exterior view by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house entryway by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house dining room by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house dining room

Joshua Tree supervillain house kitchen by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house living room by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house master bedroom by Kendrick Bangs Kellogg

Joshua Tree supervillain house walkway

the perfect palace to plan your planetary takeover.

also a great place to rollerskate!

{organic modern estate by architect kendrick bangs kellogg. interior design by john vugrin.} {via curbed la.}

20 Feet From Stardom

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 15

if you haven't seen the compelling documentary 20 feet from stardom yet, please do.

the film focuses on the music industry's unsung heroes -- the back up singers. these remarkable singers possess voices which drive some of the most iconic songs in history. the documentary gives credit where credit is due by putting these phenomenal artists front and center where they deserve to be.

in addition to the singers' remarkable vocals and stories, the film also exposes the complex and oftentime infuriating politics within the music industry, which keeps these artists on the sidelines despite their occasional desire to take center stage.

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 2_1

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary Darlene Love

i PROMISE you will never listen to the rolling stone's "gimme shelter" the same again. hail, merry clayton!

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary Merry Clayton

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary Lisa Fischer

and how about these opening credits?

i love the john baldessari inspired dots which cover the faces of the lead singer.

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 13

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 22

Opening credits 20 Feet From Stardom Documentary 5

20 feet from stardom is available on netflix and is an oscar nominee for best documentary. go see it!

director: morgan neville.

starring: darlene love, merry clayton, lisa fischer, judith hill, and the waters -- and many more.

werq out

Vintage women frolicking

Vintage women exercising

Vintage women exercising lifting dumbells

Vintage women exercising life magazine

Vintage women exercising gym life magazine

my 2014 new year's resolution: be an athlete, or just pose like one.

{images via miss moss.}

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