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2014 motto

Follow the call of the disco ball

Philip Garner Gold Stiletto Roller Skate

commit it to memory, darlings!

and, it goes without saying -- don't forget the footware.

{"follow the call of the disco ball" felt on vintage linen by castle and things.} {philip garner gold stiletto roller skate via love shoes and other stories.}

calder and abstraction (and fabulousness!)

Calder and Abstraction LACMA exhibit

something special is going on in los angeles, kittens. if you're a local denizen, or plan to visit our humble city, you, too, may participate in this marvelous wonder.

alexander calder, darlings. alexander calder.

a WHORANGE hero. at LACMA. now.

Alexander Calder Blue feather at LACMA

experience this!

Alexander Calder stabiles and mobile at LACMA

and this!

Alexander Calder Little Face mobile at LACMA

and this! it's called "little face." see the face?

Alexander Calder Laocoon mobile and stabiles at LACMA

calder mobiles = instant joy.

with their slow and subtle movement, abstract shapes, and delicate balancing act, it is easy to feel like a little kid marveling at a gigantic, magical toy. hopefully, calder would be happy with that comparision considering that he once built a mini circus out of cardboard, pipe cleaners, and bottle caps.

Alexander Calder mobile at LACMA

oh, and frank gehry designed the exhibition space. inspired by a calder show he experienced at the guggenheim museum, gehry designed guggenheim-esque wall curvature. yes, he went there. behold the curves...

Alexander Calder and Abstraction at LACMA

Frank Gehry designed Alexander Calder exhibit at LACMA

WARNING: photography is not allowed in the exhibit, so no instagraming yourself replicating these mobile poses side-by-side, okay? don't say i didn't warn you!

the pad of lee mathews

Parker side board fashion designer Lee Mathews in Sydney

Cement table fashion designer Lee Mathews in Sydney

Vintage tolix chairs in fashion designer Lee Mathews home Sydney

Vintage safety poster in fashion designer Lee Mathews home Sydney

Industrial vintage office of fashion designer Lee Mathews in Sydney

Vintage kitchen ware fashion designer Lee Mathews home Sydney

Sonja Delaunay art in fashion designer Lee Mathews home Sydney

somewhere in sydney, this home exists.

and that, my darlings, is a very good thing.

{the home of fashion designer lee mathews.} {via the design files.}

lounging around with verner panton...

Verner Panton lounging two level seat

Verner Panton Visiona

Verner Panton Visiona 70s organic interior home furnishings

Verner Panton Visiona 2

...because verner would want you to.

{top image: panton's "two-level seat"; bottom three images: furnishings from panton's visiona and visiona 2 organic and psychedelic home showcase. }

nice threads: shaun kardinal embroidered postcards

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard blue red triangle

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard blue white circle

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard red blue

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard white blue

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard star orange

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard orange rectangle

Shaun Kardinal embroidery vintage postcard star blue

from majestic mountains to clear autumn lakes, artist shaun kardinal takes the "wish you were here" message to the next level with his hypnotic, embroidered vintage postcards.

a needle and thread can weave a mighty fine journey indeed.

{visit shaun kardinal's website here.} {via ISO50.}

behind the scenes

Behind the scenes of Psycho Anthony Perkins

above: anthony perkins frolics with the ladies on the set of psycho (1960).

Behind the scenes Taxi Driver Jodie Foster and sister

above: jodie foster on the set of taxi driver with her body double (and real life sister) connie (1976).

Behind the scenes Goldfinger Sean Connery

above: sean connery and shirley eaton  share a moment - goldfinger (1964).

Behind the scenes 2001 A Space Odyssey

above: taking a break on the set of 2001: a space odyssey (1968).

Behind the scenes Rocky Horror Picture Show Tim Curry

above: dr. frankenfurter's hair looks fabulous on the set of rock horror picture show (1975).

via buzzfeed.

brass spotting

Brass and gold flower shower tile and fittings ARC

Vintage brass door hardware sunburst

Interior Designer Michael Bechara custom brass and glass kitchen shelves

and this time it's practical, darlings - - brass shower fittings, brass vintage starburst door hardware, and brass kitchen shelving.

because every room in the house deserves a little bit o' brass.

whoranging for lampadaires

1971 Lampadaire Lamps by Garrault-Delord France

i'll take one of each.

no...take that back. i'll take two of each.

{garrault-delord lampadaire lamps, circa 1971. via yatzer.}

polka dot house

Polka Dot House Life Magazine April 14 1952

Polka Dot House Life Magazine

for all of your polka dot needs.

{polka dot house. life magazine, april 1952.} {via i adore style.}

name your color contest

Whorange phone vote

hello, darlings!

a few years ago, steve found this groovy old payphone at a garage sale and had it painted orange for my birthday! now, the whorange phone sits lovingly in my office, longing for the days when payphones were the "it girls" of on-the-go communication.

i wanted to give our whorange phone a little lovin', so i entered it in modernica's "name your color" contest. you can read all about the contest here.

our whorange phone just needs some sweet "like"-ing from you! simply CLICK ON OVER to facebook and "like" and/or "share" the photo. that's it!

thank you so much! and, if i haven't told you lately, your hair looks fabulous today!




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