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meet the vladmaster


vladimir, a portland based filmmaker & visual artist, crafts fabulous, multi-sensory experiences using one of my fave childhood toys:  the viewmaster.

in 2003, vladmir began designing, photographing, and hand-assembling her own "vladmaster" disks to be viewed via the viewmaster toy.  her deliciously illustrated disks feature textured and moody 3D photographs of subjects such as vintage game pieces, neglected household objects, and one inch high dioramas.

each vladmaster series tells a unique 28-picture story.  for example:


above: "fear & trembling" documents a dinner party as seen through the eyes of someone who probably should not have attended.


above:  "franz kafka's parable" pays homage to traditional mythic and historic figures such as a poseidon and alexander the great.


above: "italo calvino's invisible cities" -- marco polo tells tales of his travels to an aging kubla khan.


above:  "acteon at home" tells the story of actaeon -- a hunter unlucky enough to catch a glimpse of artemis bathing naked amongst her nymphs. as a result, actaeon was transformed into a stag.

did i mention most vladmaster series include an original soundtrack?  a soundtrack, kittens!

so, make a playdate, slip in a disk, turn up the music, and get ready experience the view-master with a whole new perspective.


WHORANGE CONTEST: name the muse and enter to win a matte stephens print from velocity!

hold onto your mittens, kittens, because we're in for a fun ride!

john tusher, the dashing and debonair owner of velocity art & design, recently acquired this gorgeous, vintage painting (above) from white sage studio in seattle's ballard neighborhood.  isn't she fabulous?  this lovely lady is so superbly special that she will provide the decor inspiration for john's latest interior endeavor.  however, the only problem is...she needs a name.

and, that's where you come in...YOU GET TO NAME HER!

yes, mr. tusher has asked the readers of WHORANGE to name his muse. john describes his painted lady as "sexy, sophisticated, a little rough around the edges, and very well traveled."  rumor is she hails from buenos aires, but the year of her birth is unknown.

but, wait, there's more!  not only is john a modern-living savant, father of one, hero to many, and inspiration to all, he is also ridiculously kind and offering a fab prize to one lucky participant:  a limited edition, signed, matte stephens print entitled "Alfred was obviously underdressed for his induction into the Adventurers Hall of Fame."


love. this. print.  click here for more details.

TO WIN:  simply enter a name for the muse in the comment section of this post.  how easy is that?  be inspired, be creative, and be fabulous!  you may enter three times, but you must nominate a different name each time.  this will increase your chances of winning, poodles, so hop to it!

the muse name that receives the most nominations wins the title.  so, feel free to review what other people have written and rally behind the same name if you desire.

please note, you don't have to pick the winning name in order to be eligible for the prize.  simply nominating a name puts you in the running.  i will pick one winner at random on monday, february 1st, at 9:00 pm PST.

and, finally, can we just take a moment to admire her stunning coiffure...


...talk about an inspiration.

good luck, everybody!  and thank you, john, for entrusting us with such an important decision.  we love her, we love velocity, and we love you!

UPDATE!  due to the overwhelmingly amazing entries thus far, john tusher has added FOUR MORE PRIZES!  yep, five winners total will receive prints!  how fabulous is that?  thank you, john!!!!!

perfect timing


just remember...at WHORANGE, every day is sunday.

have a wonderful weekend, darlings!

{via the delightful june craft.}

conversation skirts. life magazine, circa 1950


conversation skirts.

filling awkward silences never looked better.

{nina leen photography.  via playfast.}

pretty on the inside: decor8's interior styling

the lovely miss holly becker of decor8 recently created a flickr group called "interior styling", which invites readers to submit purty pix of their hottie homes.
  holly carefully curates each submission and the results are quite craveable.

rules for submissions include "no flash photography," "no gratuitous product placement," and the one that disqualifies me completely -- "no porn."

here are a few of my faves from the group.  turquoise theme was not intended -- must be pantone's brainwashing taking effect.  damn you, #15-5519!

{above:  "the map" by ethanollie;  "redecorating" by candi mandi;  "morning ritual" by the gorgeous miss paola thomas of mirror, mirror.}

{above:  "boyhood fun" by trisha brink design;  "polished candlesticks" by rearranged design.

{above:  "piles of pity" by ninainvorm;  "some people..." by kari bombari;  "display love" by

thank you, holly, for the inspiration!

modernica's pets on furniture contest


listen up, kittens!  our lovely friends at modernica are holding a pets on furniture photo contest.  grand prize winner receives a panty-dropping, fiberglass, rocker arm chair!  view today's entries here.

HERE ARE THE RULES:  1). take a pic of your pet posing on a piece of modern furniture;  2). email it to petcontest@modernica.net with "pets" in the subject line;  3). hope that you are selected as one of the top five picks;  4). sleep with several readers to garner votes (optional);  5). win the first round of fan voting and win a Downtown Dog Rescue calender or Cats of Lamu book; 6). sleep with more readers to garner votes (recommended); 7). win final round of voting and receive the rocker arm chair;  8). give rocker chair to me as a thank you gift.

i combed through my archives and found pix of my cats doing what they do best -- lounging.  and, yes...their fur looks terrific:

{top left: veruschka on danish modern chair from the rose bowl flea market;  top right: dylan poses on turquoise modernica shell chair purchased at the warehouse sale;  bottom left:  atticus on green "down with love" sofa from room service;  bottom right:  atticus on mid-century table from grandma with turquoise couch from flea market.}

so, get snapping, people!  whether it's your spaniel on a saarinen or your mutt on a malm, put your furry friend to work and make them bring home the rocker gold.

for modernica's rules and info, click here.  and, don't forget to tell them i sent you!

mid-century modern turntable with tulip base


i want this.

{via atomic indy.}

dear WHORANGE: seeking style for the st. valentine's day ball



first let me say, your lovely blog gives me design to daydream wildly about!  *le sigh* 

secondly i need some help.  my friend just invited me to  a HUGE valentine's day rave/costume ball in philly (costumes required).  as a newly single girl, I'm not looking for love but I am looking to show up fabulous. i want an amazing, knock you off your feet, outlandish costume!  i'm a textiles and fibers design major, so I'm very handy with a sewing machine and love working with unconventional materials.  problem is, I'm stumped for ideas. 

i would be so grateful if you could maybe throw some ideas or dresses you've seen my way?  something a little lady gaga, retro fab, made out of household items, even a little drag queenie?  or anything else you think might make a great over the top valentine's day costume.


p.s.: Your brand-new-decade hair looks fabulous today!




dearest jenn,

i am deeply honored to be consulted on this matter of majestic pageantry.  indeed, a lovely lass such as yourself deserves to be the belle of the ball and the prettiest panty-dropper in the room.

i have put together a collection of inspirations taken from the catwalks of milan to the gay pride marches of brazil.  they may not reach the level of outlandishness that you desire, but they should provide a good base for needle and thread debauchery.

however, no matter what direction you choose, i have no doubt that much like the st. valentine's day massacre, you're going to knock 'em dead, darling!  you've got the spirit of supreme sparkle, so you are already 90% there.

{above: spanish designer agatha ruiz de la prada for milan fashion week.  also, images from unknown designers via weird fashion police.}

Polaroid_drag_queen_heart_ copy

{above left to right:  gay parade, são paulo  sergio sulama; i heart you johnny darqhorse;  brighton pride 2009 chalkhills; wigout: get your heart on sirene flux.}


above:  perhaps a simple puff in a shade of nipple pink?  plus, remember gloves add a touch of class to any outfit.  (image via chateau thombeau.)


above:  my personal favorite -- a frothy face frock.  from every angle, it's the ultimate aphrodisiac!

best of luck, jenn!  oh, and if i haven't mentioned it today -- your hair looks magnificent.

stay pretty,


questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at tula@whorange.net.  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.

turquoise is the new whorange: pantone's color of 2010

color-o-philes hold onto your seats.  it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for.  pantone has lifted its skirt to reveal the magical color of 2010:

TURQUOISE!  #15-5519 to be exact.  according to the folks at pantone:

“turquoise transports us to an exciting, tropical paradise while offering a sense of protection and healing in stressful times.”

i confess...i am TOTALLY gay for turquoise.  my office walls are turquoise.  70% of my kitchen and serving ware is turquoise.  my first manic-panic hair color failure in high school -- turquoise.


{turquoise items, left to right from top: pantone mug (14.00); pantone espresso cups set of four (48.00); ball clock (29.99); eames elephant (290.00); braided bikini top (78.00) and bikini bottoms (68.00);  mid-century chair (ebay); silkcreened posters $24.00; terrier pillow (24.00);  wall balls (29.00);  pantone color swatch;  a cute triangle heel (44.99);  bullet planter(170.00).


i saw this living room (above left) on a site called house of turquoise.  i had no idea a site entirely dedicated to turquoise interiors existed, but then again, i'm sure they have no idea a site called WHORANGE exists either.  pleasure to meet you HOT.

the image above right is from designer thomas wold's home.  naturally, mr. wold crafted the magnificent bookshelf utilizing his signature repurposed materials know-how.  see more of his amazing abode on design*sponge.

i've stalked the home above ever since i found it on style files.  please notify the owners that i am ready to move in.  i have constructed the perfect outfit for each room -- from snow bunny chalet to summer brandy bacchanalia.

fondue party invites are in the mail.

everyday people: ready-to-wear 2010


when faced with the dilemma of "what to wear?" in 2010, simply turn to the runways to discover the latest and greatest must have pieces for every closet.  from sea mammal printed jodhpurs and satin trucker hats to kabuki makeup, bicycle shorts, hot candy vinyl, and prison tattoos -- the catwalk has got you covered, kittens.

i've selected a handful of flattering ensembles from this year's ready-to-wear collections.  these perfectly practical pieces will take you effortlessly from office to evening.  enjoy!

get up and go...ready or not.








...easy, breezy, beautiful everyday wear.

{all ready-to-wear images via style.com.}

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