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a more perfect union

Ann Telnaes animation Supreme Court strikes down DOMA

yesterday was a beautiful, life changing day!

DOMA met its end, prop 8 was dismissed, and the long, long road toward marriage equality was journeyed upon with determined feet and the voices of millions who refused to be treated like second class citizens because of whom they love.

i've been blogging about this journey since 2008. it began when gay marriage was legalized in california, then it wasn't, then we fought, then obama announced his support of marriage equality, then a handful of states supported it, too.

then yesterday, FINALLY, the supreme court ruled federal same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional and the world got a whole lot prettier.

we still have a long way to go, kittens. there are 38 states who do not recognize same-sex marriage. let's ban together and truly lend weight to the slogan #LoveIsLove.

{image: "kennedy, breyer, ginsburg, sotomayor, and kagan in the majority #DOMA" political cartoon by ann telnaes.}

alexander the great: girard and the miller house

Dan Kiley Miller house architecture cherry blossom trees

kittens, it's that time of the month again...time for WHORANGE'S monthly pad.

today's pad comes to us from columbus, indiana, and is one of the most playful and purdiest around - the miller house. completed in 1957 for industrialist and philanthropist j. irwin miller, the building was designed by the one-and-only eero saarinen. yes, saarinen! and there is an illuminated tulip table to prove it!

alexander girard designed the interiors (and stayed on as the interior designer for 15 years) and dan kiley crafted the landscape architecture.

what could go wrong, right? the answer is nothing. nothing went wrong (at least visually).

behold the work of a mid-century dream team, darlings...

Alexander Girard Miller house front gate detail photography Leslie Williamson

{above exterior: alexander girard's painted iron gate.}

Alexander Girard Miller house sunken sitting area Leslie Williamson

{above living room: many of the home's rugs and textiles were custom designed by girard in shades of reds for winter and pastels for spring.}

Alexander Girard Miller house sunken living room sofa Leslie Williamson

{above living room: a sunken sofa sectional with stairs. perfect for a sleep overs, salons, or love-ins.}

Alexander Girard Miller house cylindrical fireplace living room photography Leslie Williamson

{above living room: two words - cylindrical fireplace.}

Alexander Girard Miller house light up Saarinen marble and terrazzo table Leslie Williamson

{above dining room: an illuminated, saarinen, marble top, tulip table and chairs. yes...illuminated!}

Alexander Girard Miller house Saarinen marble and terrazzo table

{above dining room: girard rud and needlepoint chairs.}

Alexander Girard Miller house office photography Leslie Williamson

{above: a playroom turned office.}

Alexander Girard Miller house master closet stool and mirror

{above: wife xenia's closet features a custom stool upholstered in girard’s mogul 081 fabric.}

Alexander Girard Miller house mosaic tile wall Leslie Williamson photography

{above kitchen: a blue mosiac tile wonderland.}

Alexander Girard Miller house curtain fabric photography Leslie Williamson

Alexander Girard Miller house fabric story

{above: girard's master textile plan.}

Alexander Girard Miller house eero saarinen tulip chairs photography Leslie Williamson

did i mentioned the miller home is open for tours and coveting? get your passport and binoculars ready. read all about it here

{photography by leslie williamson for dwell; via the north elevation and des chaises en couleur.}

Happy Anniversary, Mr. Whorange!


today marks 3 glorious years of being mr. & mrs. with steve -- my bestest friend, handsome target of my affections, and grand master of everything groovy.

happy anniversary, steve! thank you for being my happy place.




thank you, mr. president for declaring your support of gay marriage.

please continue to be our crusader. no unicorn necessary!

{image via caffeinated thoughts.}

love is love



kittens, this weekend, the new york senate passed the same sex marriage bill!  this is truly an historic moment and a triumph for equality and freedom.

three years ago, california legalized gay marriage, only to have it overthrown.  it was absolutely heartbreaking and infuriating.  i hope new york becomes a trailblazer for california and for the rest of the country.

congratulations, new york!  to say "i heart you" is an understatement.

{mix and match bride and bride, bride and groom, or groom and groom cake toppers by ann wood handmade.}

here comes the bride: designers sketch kate middleton's wedding dress


with a royal wedding on the way, WWD asked a handful of designers to imagine what prince williams' gal pal should wear down the aisle.  from lagerfeld's high boots to christian lacroix's red bodice, each of our darling designers had a strong point of view.

personally, i'm crossing my fingers for chris benz's yellow head-to-toe frock.  scandalicious!  i'd even buy the commemorative plate.

{above:  "something old: victorian skirt;  something new: patchwork gown; something borrowed: queen elizabeth’s veil;  something red: elizabethan top, as red was the wedding color until 1900!” -- christian lacroix.}


{above left:  kate's dress would feature gathers "like ostrich pores" -- ralph rucci.

above right: “i think she represents a new freshness to the monarchy, and it is up to her how modern she wants to shape her role. i think taking risks with a confident, colorful spirit is where it’s at with the royals.” -- chris benz.}


{above left:  “we designed a ‘blossoming’ dress because we imagined her as a new botticellian venus.” -- maria grazia chiuri and pier paolo piccioli, valentino.

above right:  gucci.}


{above left:  “i love the idea of mixing traditional opulence with a very clean aesthetic for this modern-day princess.” -- jason wu.

above right:  "i think that there will be so many comparisons to the late princess diana that her dress should almost be the opposite of what diana's was -- modern, simple, and very elegant."  -- tom mora of j.crew.}


{above left:  “the victorian wedding dress, with a twist --- high boots and open in the front.” -- karl lagerfeld.

above right:  lela rose.}


{above:  "a patchwork lace dress reminds us all that a true princess can mend and make do!"  -- nanette lepore.}
{above left: “on the royal wedding day, i envision kate middleton in a fresh, modern silhouette emphasizing her elegance and beauty in a youthful way.” -- gilles mendel, j.mendel.

above right:  “for kate i love to showcase the british tradition with a wonderfully beautiful, yet modern hat worn under a full-length veil with a deconstructed cascade train balancing the formality.” -- rachel roy.}

{via jezebel and the huffington post.}

dear WHORANGE: did you have a wedding gift registry?


i feel like i have no choice but to register for gifts for my wedding, even though i'm dreading doing so.  in my culture, people give cash but my fiance's guests will be uber confused if there is no registry.
did you register?  do you have any thoughts on where to register?
i am thinking about doing multiple places.  i'd really like to have some eclectic things that i worry standard stores wouldn't be able to offer.

thanks for your help :)



dearest melody,

first of all, congratulations on your upcoming wedding!  yay to you and mr. man!

initially, mr. whorange and i were not going to register.  especially with the recession in full swing, a gift registry felt somewhat extravagant and we didn't want to stress people out financially.  also, steve and i had been living together for years and owned all of the towels, linens, and appliances our little home could handle.

however, our "non-registry" news did not go over well with some friends and family members.  my newlywed friend gave me this piece of advice: "make it easy on your guests -- just register.  they will want to get you something, so you should put together a list for them."  she also showed me a collection of bride & groom teddy bears, rose embossed towels, and a crystal candelabra she had to return since she did not have a registry.

so, we opened up a few registries at various price points with a message letting guests know that their attendance was the best gift of all.  again, we didn't want anybody to feel obligated!

for brick-and-mortar shoppers, we chose a traditional store (crate & barrel).  for online shoppers, we chose a store we loved (velocity), a catchall (amazon), and a honeymoon registry (traveler's joy).

you'll be happy to know that many unique stores now offer registries, so i think you will find one that tickles your fancy.  here are a few i think are quite groovy:

amenity (modern organic linens, furniture, and accessories)

branch (sustainable design)

fitsu (modern furnishings and accessories)

jonathan adler (fab homewares)

heath ceramics (handcrafted tile and tableware)

a + r (modern accessories)

mod livin' (mid-century modern home)

relish (modern home goods)

also, visit your favorite neighborhood store to see if you can open a registry.  even if they don't offer registries on their website, many stores can still set up a special registry for you.

and, just in case you're curious...here are some of the items steve and i registered for:





{above from velocity art & design:  these are all accessories that i've coveted for years and will cherish forever and ever.  the eames hang-it-all; george nelson sunburst clock; cul de sac deer, bird, and evergreen plates;  harry allen chrome pig bank; eames house bird; offi overlap tray; kikkerland campfire votiveroost squirrel lamp.}


{above from crate & barrel:  i admit it...we registered for this eva zeisel reproduction dinnerwar after seeing it featured on mad men.  yeah, we're easy like that.}


{above from amazon:  for as long as i can remember, i've collected turquoise fiestaware.  it's our everyday tableware, so i figured replacing our broken sets would be a practical registry choice.  plus, i've been obsessed with flame le cruset ever since i saw it in a swiss chalet theme fashion spread in a 1970s vogue.  oh, and the jonathan adler whale pitcher...he was just begging to come home with us.}

Tropical_garden_room_at_the_sandollar restaurant_st_petersburg_FL


{above from traveler's joy:  we created a honeymoon registry for our trip to costa rica -- which we still have yet to take!  instead of physical gifts, guests had the option to purchase experiences and memories. gifts ranged from canopy zip line tours and romantic dinners to contributions towards airfare or hotels.  friends and family seemed to really like the honeymoon option.  even our more traditional family members opted for costa rica surfing lessons over cream & sugar sets.}

that's it!  i'd love to hear of more gift registry alternatives from other readers.  please feel free to contribute, kittens!

stay pretty,


{vintage postcard images via actionlog and johnny dollar.}

questions, queries, or dilemmas?  drop me a line at tula@whorange.net.  if you begin your email with "dear WHORANGE, your hair looks fantastic today," you may receive a speedier reply.


happy holidays to you!


wow, i actually got hitched this year!  (which reminds me...i still need to post our wedding pictures, don't i?  more pix to come in 2010 -- i promise!)

with the holidays upon us, i wanted to take this moment to thank each and every one of you for your love, support, decor inspirations, artistic endeavors, sagacious comments, foxy emails, keen queries, frolicking slumber parties, habitual bootie calls, mid-day martinis, wiglet coupons, solar-powered panties, and of course...magnificent hair.

it is from you that i draw inspiration -- every single day.  thank you for dancing through this titillating design journey with me! 

have a wonderful holiday, darlings.  give the gift of teaching someone something new, stay warm, and i'll be back before you know it.



{our chinatown wedding photographs by gennan shippen.}


my DIY letterpress thank you cards

DIY letterpress thank you card

okay, kittens.  here it is -- my letterpress class report.  i know i promised to write about my adventures in letterpress about five thousand years ago, but ye ole wedding and computer meltdown slowed me down.  as a result of my tardiness, i will make this a two part series.

also, to those lovely readers who contacted me regarding class details, thank you for your patience.   a special tip of the tiara to you.

now please keep in mind 1). this was a beginning letterpress class at otis art & design in los angeles, therefore, i don't know what other schools/classes are like;  2).  all notes are stored precariously in my head, so proceed with caution;  and 3). pictures were taken with my camera phone under fluorescent lights, so details are not fabulous.

okay, let's boogie...

DIY letterpressing class otis mixing soy ink

the class supplies several ink colors for student use.  most are soy based and can be mixed to achieve the color of your dreams.  black ink, however, tends to print on the dark gray side (at least it did for me), so if you want a true black, you may need to test out different inks or consult an expert.  also, inks print a lot lighter than they look on the mixing plate.  if the ink looks orange, most likely it will print yellow.  if it looks red, you may get pink.

Letterpress class DIY funiture wood metal

you will learn how to set up a press bed.  above is a set up for photopolymer plates, which is what i used to print my designs.  my instructor and letterpress guru, gerald lange, makes excellent photopolymer plates.  prices vary, but my plates ranged between 38.00-65.00 depending on the size and intricacies of my design.  some students didn't create plates, and instead worked with the array of metal and wood type available in the classroom.  more on that in a later post.

Photopolymer plate letterpress

after peeling and sticking the reusable photopolymer plate to the metal grid plate, it's basically like a game of tetris getting it into place.  you take different lengths and widths of metal and wood blocks (called "furniture") and set your bed.

DIY letterpress inking thank you card before after

then you dab a little ink on your rollers and let 'em spin.

the longest (and least glamorous) part of the letterpress process is adjusting your rollers and aligning (or "registering") your image to the paper.  it can take hours.  the actual process of printing is the payoff.

DIY letterpress class otis vandercook

students supply their own paper.  other printing materials and machinery are available in the classroom.

i made about 60 of these pink "thanks, deer" cards in one night...

DIY letterpress thank you adler ring squirrel

and here is another thank you card i printed one day, because you can never say thank you enough.

DIY letterpress thank you card squirrel

feelin' eden: whoranging for the woolly pocket

Woolly pockets naked fishbowl indoor gardening

los angeles based artist, miguel nelson, recently contacted me to tell me about his innovative, eco-friendly, and versatile gardening system -- the woolly pocket.

i first met miguel and his wife, sherry walsh, a year ago when steve and i were scoping out wedding locations.  we fell in love with miguel and sherry's home and green event space -- the marvimon.

one of the many enticing elements of the marvimon is its lush array of vertical, outdoor gardens and its indoor, living wall installations...

Marvimon vertical garden

and here we are getting married in the garden just two weeks ago!

Tula steve wedding marvimon

while designing their vertical landscapes, miguel and sherry teamed up with floral artist extraordinaire, holly vesecky of holly flora (who also provided the floral designs for our wedding...check out that chuppah!).

the collaboration resulted in walls that live, breathe, entice, and even provide sound proofing.

Woolly pocket outdoors

the clever contraption used to hang the garden is the woolly pocket -- a stylish, breathable, easy to use, modular gardening container.  and get this...each felted, woolly pocket is handcrafted in the U.S.A. from recycled plastic bottles!

Woolly pocket eco friendly gardening

some pockets are designed to be placed on horizontal surfaces and others are constructed to be hung on walls for vertical gardening.   both styles can be used indoors and out and have built-in moisture barriers to help protect furniture.  they're perfect for creating urban gardens where space is limited. in addition, they are lightweight and can be folded flat, which makes them easy to use, move, and store just about anywhere.

Urban gardening woolly pockets

and placing a pocket on your wall is easy peasy!  click here to learn how.

the woolly pockets are also on full display at miguel and sherry's newest event space -- the smog shoppe in culver city.  here is a view from the sidewalk...

Wholly pockets smog shoppe

and finally...what a lovely excuse to post a gallery of gloriously gorgeous guys and gals in their most organic state.  now if we could only get those woolly pockets out of the way.

Wee woolly pocket Woolly pockets naked fellow

pick a pocket of your own and learn more about the wonderful world of woolly at their website.

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