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Cotton candy unicorn groomying

darlings, this is a rare glimpse into the fine art of unicorn grooming. yes, even magical creatures have bad hair days.

{cotton candy brush via we heart it.}

a monday state of mind

Anthony Zinonos pillHEAD

it's that time of the week again, darlings! lots of ventures ahead. prepare accordingly.

{illustrations by the always phenomenal anthony zinonos.}

Mama Mia

Vintage Mia Farrow 1968 Publicity Photo long brown hair

kittens, this week is a little busy for me. one of our homes is being photographed for a magazine (woo hoo!), so i'm happily drowning in pillows, prep, and a lot caffeine.

may not be able to blog much for the next few days, so in the meantime, here is a publicity photo of mia farrow from 1968.

mia, love the bangs. love the brunette, babe.

{via shirley kurata's pinterst.}


Pretty In Pink

Ursula Andress in Casino Royale Pink Bedroom

Ursula Andress in Casino Royale Pink bath towel

Ursula Andress in Casino Royale Pink feathers

isn't she?

{ursula andress in casino royale (1967).}

a swan swimming cap


for all of your swan swimming cap needs.

{photography by gaby herbstein.} {via ban.do and the neverending story.}

If I haven't told you lately...

Chris craymer vintage photo booth glamour uk feet

Chris craymer vintage photo booth glamour uk

... your hair looks fabulous, darling!

happy monday. make it a pretty one.

{photography by chris craymer for glamour UK.} {via dust jacket attic.}

It's all about the hair



and the attitude, of course.

wear it high, darlings. wear it high.

{illustrations by bill zindel.}

hair doe


been there.

{"animals" exhibition by photographer ryan mcginley at team gallery in new york. NSFW!} {via grace duignan-pearson.}


happy mother's day to mommies, grandmas, mr. moms, mom jeaners, hot moms, mommie dearests, and earth mamas!

above is a snapshot of me and my mom when i was approximately 200 days old. now you know the genesis of my hair obession. if only i could get my bangs to fall like hers!

love you, mom!

hair hoppers





as i always say...

Hairspray -- much like health care -- is a RIGHT, not a privilege.

a lesson i learned from pat nixon of all people.

{photography from karlheinz weinberger "rebel youth" series.} {via the glorious form is void.}

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